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Care by Volvo

Long-term rental or car subscription?

October 30, 2019 - 10 min read
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Our flexible car access concept.

The world is speeding up all the time. The demands we face constantly increase and change faster than ever before. Especially in regard to how we get around. The kind of car we need and whether we need a car at all can change at any time.

As a result, flexible concepts that move away from conventional car ownership and leasing are more popular than ever before. One concept is long-term rental from the well-known rental car providers. Another is the new car subscription Care by Volvo.
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What is a long-term car rental?

With long-term rental the customer selects a specific vehicle category. They then receive a vehicle from this category without being able to choose the specific model.
It is not possible to configure the vehicle, and in most cases, it is not a new car. Due to the relatively short duration of the long-term rental, the customer doesn’t usually have to worry about servicing or maintenance. These are carried out between the rental periods. After a period of three or six months, the customer returns the vehicle.
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What is Care by Volvo?

With Care by Volvo, we offer more flexibility and can quickly respond to customers’ changing demands. Care by Volvo uses the subscription model of well-known streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify.
You subscribe to a new Volvo vehicle and receive everything you need to get around, all for a transparent monthly payment. It not only includes a brand-new Volvo vehicle, which you can customise as you wish, but also a comprehensive service package including the following:
  • No down payment, no final payment, just a monthly fixed price
  • All drivers included on the insurance
  • Administration and payment of vehicle tax
  • Comprehensive insurance package including liability limitation
  • Breakdown cover – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Replacement vehicle in case of a break down
Care by Volvo: No down payment, no final payment, just a monthly fixed price. All inclusive - you only need to refuel.
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Comparison of long-term rental and Care by Volvo

In principle, Care by Volvo is a long-term rental that is more tailored, more modern and more flexible. Care by Volvo allows you not only to choose a vehicle category, but also the Volvo model you want.
It offers you everything you expect from a Volvo - comprehensive equipment and comfort. In addition, you can choose the interior, colour and performance of the vehicle.

So you can give your Care by Volvo vehicle a completely individual touch and feel at home in your vehicle. All Care by Volvo vehicles are new. You can book your subscription with Care by Volvo online. It’s is completely transparent with no hidden costs or unexpected expenses. Classic long-term rentals usually only allow the renter to be the driver. With Care by Volvo you can lend your vehicle to friends and family, safe in the knowledge that they are covered by our all-inclusive comprehensive insurance.

And when it comes to flexibility, the Care by Volvo subscription also beats a long-term rental. You can change your vehicle at any time with three months’ notice, so you always drive the Volvo that suits you best. No more long contracts. No additional fees. That’s why we are convinced that Care by Volvo offers the best service for people who are constantly on the move.