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Which car is best for me?

October 30, 2019 - 10 min read
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So, you need a car?

The first thing to consider is your circumstances. Are you a one-person household? Then your needs will probably be entirely different than if you are a big family.

In the following sections you will find several different life situations matched to different types of cars to help you choose the right vehicle for you.
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One-person household

So, you’ve decided that even if you are just driving yourself most of the time, public transport does not fulfill your travel needs. Neither do car sharing services, regardless how smart or convenient they are. You need your own car and you need it at your beck-and-call.

Therefore the question is, what size car do you need?

You need space for yourself, your bag, maybe some training gear and, from time to time, an overnight bag. Sometimes you may have passengers, but rear legroom is not a determining factor. Using these criteria, a small or mid-sized car would probably hit the mark.

Perhaps your professional or private life means you need more space for stuff. Big and bulky stuff. Like a surfboard, or a golf bag, or even your small-bear-sized Newfoundland dog. Or work things like ladders or tools for craftsman; tripods, cameras and lights for photographers; or dry suit, oxygen tanks and the rest of your gear for professional divers. In this case a larger sized estate or even an SUV could be the car for you. Cars that offer flexible loading options or boot space – maybe even with an integrated dog cage – would be a good choice. Your car should facilitate your life – not put limitations on it.
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Two-person household

Maybe you’ve just moved in with the love of your life, or you have lived with the love of your life for 30 years and the kids have come and gone. In this case, you need to take into consideration the needs of two people who typically have more stuff than one.
Having considered your circumstances you might choose a sporty saloon, a small SUV or even an estate. If you sometimes find it hard to get in or out of a car you might want to choose one that is a bit taller – so a cross over or an SUV type vehicle, rather than a saloon or estate.
Our models to consider:
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Multiple-person household

Kids change your life in so many ways. From the very moment your tiny bundle of joy enters your life you quickly realise nothing will ever be the same again. You love this mini-version of you more than life itself and obviously want them to travel as safe as possible. And by the way, how can such a small person require so much space? Hello?
You need more room for everything - the child seat, the pram, the extra bags – and you might want a car with more height so you can lift your kid in and out of their child seat without bending over double. A bigger boot will be useful if you need to do a quick nappy change. In this situation a cross over, small SUV or an estate could be what you need.

Then your kid grows up. Maybe they get a younger sibling or have lots of friends. Suddenly you need room for more people than just your own family. Integrated booster seats are ideal for driving all those kids around or you might even need the extra seating a 7-seated SUV can offer. Estates and SUVs are the most practical cars for this period of life.
Our models to consider:
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More aspects to consider

However, size isn’t everything! Add technology and convenience into the mix and we have new aspects to consider. Here are a few questions to bear in mind when choosing your car.

Are there convenience features or technology in the car you simply cannot live without?

You might be an on-the-road sales representative or have a long commute to and from work – then a comfortable driving position and good seats are important to bear in mind. You might also want the supporting driver’s technology such as lane keeping aid, queue assist features, or a reminder from the car to take a break when you have been driving for a long time.

Do you live in hot and/or humid climate?

Then ventilated seats would be a nice addition.

Do you need to tow a trailer, or do you often drive in off-road conditions?

Then you need all-wheel drive capability and a tow bar.

One final thing to consider is where you live and parking

If you choose a plug-in hybrid or even a battery electric vehicle, you will need the ability to charge your car somewhere.
Getting a car is a big investment. With new ownership models like Care by Volvo, the flexible subscription offer, you can access your own car without a big commitment, without compromising on what you get in terms of car and mobility.
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