Business Areas

At Volvo Cars, we have a broad range of business areas in which you can shine. Whatever your career path, we provide the arena.

Product strategy & vehicle line management

Would you like to be part of the team that develops the next generation of Volvo cars? Our global team’s responsibility starts with early strategic work and extends right through the car’s entire lifecycle. Challenging opportunities here include product planning, programme management, propulsion and platform strategy as well as partnership strategy.


Design is a crucial part of creating a brand – it is the basis for character and personality for the customer to relate to. The design of our cars is strongly influenced by our Scandinavian origins, with elegance, function and purity of line as strong design elements. Consumers are becoming much more brand conscious – what you buy makes a statement about you as a person. Design is a unit of around 150 employees divided in one creative and one operational area working closely together to support Design’s mission to create the most exciting new cars.

Research & Development

Are you interested in car design and advanced technology? At Research & Development you would be a key contributor to the next generation of exciting new Volvo cars. Together with other engineers around the world, you and your team would create innovative human-centric car technology that makes life less complicated and more enjoyable for our customers.


Ensuring the supply of materials and services – at the right cost, quality and technological level – is essential for the success of Volvo Car Group. At Purchasing, you would be part of a team with the mission to develop and maintain a world-class supplier base, cooperating with other people inside and outside the company, right across the globe.


Our global Manufacturing team ensures that the cars we build meet and then exceed the highest expectations of our customers. In Volvo Cars assembly and component plants all over the world, we work with lean, clean and flexible production technologies – with a firm focus on people and continuous development.

Corporate Communications

Become part of a global communication team that’s charged with developing awareness of – and good perceptions about – the Volvo Cars brand and its products. We build trusting relationships with journalists, online influencers and policy makers, and are responsible for internal communication with all Volvo Cars employees globally. Join our team and help build a positive perception of Volvo Cars across all media.

Marketing, Sales & Customer Service

Our mission at Marketing, Sales & Customer Service is to ensure that all consumer touch points reflect our brand essence of ‘Designed Around You’ and that all services deliver a truly luxurious experience. Become part of the global team that oversees all commercial activities for Volvo Cars around the world, including marketing communications, customer interaction, sales and service.

Information Technology (IT)

As with all other business areas at Volvo Cars, Information Technology (IT) offers outstanding opportunities to develop your skills and grow as a professional. In close collaboration with colleagues in other business units around the world, you and your team create IT innovations that support the company’s overall operations. Ultimately, you are part of a team that aims to deliver a better experience for the people who buy and drive a Volvo.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

At Quality & Customer Satisfaction, we work to ensure that Volvo Cars exceeds customer expectations on all fronts. To make this happen, we provide all parts of the company with the tools, methods, processes, targets ad audits relating to quality and customer satisfaction. If you're passionate about customers and a quality experience, you'll feel right at home here.


Our Finance team drives business performance to achieve the objectives set out in Volvo Cars’ Corporate Strategy. In cooperation with colleagues in other business units worldwide, you and your team provide financial expertise, reporting, planning and guidance. Here, you can take your professional skills to the next level along with other likeminded people.


At Legal, we operate in a challenging international business climate, supporting Volvo Cars to achieve its business objectives, protecting its corporate interests and minimising legal risks. Your legal expertise would help support the business units and other staff functions of Volvo Cars within all areas of business law – as with all other business areas at Volvo, you’ll have excellent opportunities to grow as a professional, too.

Intellectual property

Volvo Cars’ position worldwide depends in large measure on its ability to offer products and innovations that are unique and provide a functional or emotional advantage. To preserve this ability, we deliver a continuous flow of technological and business innovations, and we take appropriate steps to safeguard such innovations. And so at Intellectual Property, you would join a dynamic part of the company, working closely with Research & Development, Strategic Product Planning, Marketing, Purchasing and Legal.

Human Resources

The team at Human Resources handles our most precious resource – our employees. Our mission is to attract, recruit, develop and retain the people that will help us build on our success. Become part of a global team and help us make Volvo Cars the employer of choice.


There are opportunities in Logistics right across Volvo Cars. You are part of a global supply and production team that makes sure that the cars we build meet the highest standards. In close collaboration with people inside and outside the company, we drive and lead the supply chain – from the supplier to the customer – in a lean, efficient way.