Volvos that will drive themselves, won’t crash and talk to other cars? Welcome to your future.


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94% of people agree that you should be able to take control of autonomous cars at any moment

The steering wheel is incredibly important to society. But as Volvo’s Anders Tylman explains, our vision for Concept 26 might change people’s perception of what taking control really means.



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Classic Swedish minimalism ready for the future of driving.

Forward thinking

Meet Trent Victor and Marcus Rothoff, leading the way at Volvo in defining the future of driving.
Words: Ian Dickson Portraits: Jack Lawson

How close is Volvo to launching an autonomous car?
Trent: “Our latest cars already use aspects of autonomous technology, where the driver is still responsible. For example there’s Pilot Assist which, by reading lane markings, help to keep you in your lane with light steering inputs, while Adaptive Cruise Control helps maintain a distance to cars in front.”

When will we see fully-autonomous Volvo cars on the road?
Marcus: “We will trial our first fully-autonomous cars in 2017. It’s a pilot project that will see 100 fully-autonomous cars being tested on the roads of Gothenburg. This is a big step we’re taking – a world first. We’re telling the driver that there are times when you will not be responsible for driving any more. When you put the car into autopilot, you can do whatever you want.”

TRENT VICTOR - Professor of Crash Avoidance and driver behaviour

“Our technology will work on a subconscious level. Like breathing, you won’t even need to think about it”