The luxury sedan, redefined

Designed to perform and crafted to impress.

The Pinnacle of Design

The S90 has been awarded the prestigious honour of Production Design Car of the Year 2015 by a panel of top automotive designers from around the globe. Commenting on the clear, calm design the awarding body has recognised the unique luxury sedan as the pinnacle of automotive design.


The Designers Behind the Detail

Maximilian Missoni and Tisha Johnson describe their approach to Swedish luxury, embodied within the exterior and interior designs of the all-new S90.

"Swedish life is, by nature, a kind of luxury. The country is unspoiled. Forest, lakes and ocean are available to all. Our aim is to bring this uniquely Swedish experience to customers."

- Tisha Johnson - Volvo Cars' Interior Design Manager.


Designed for drivers

A true drivers’ car, the focus is evident before you start the engine, with a dashboard and centre console that are angled towards you. Even after two or three hours of driving, you’ll step out of the car feeling as relaxed and rested as when you began your journey. Design and driving experience are in total harmony.