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Exterior Styling

To give your car an even more personal and unique profile, Volvo has developed these exterior styling accessories that reinforce the dynamic elegance of your car.

Decor spoiler, front bumper

Gives the front of the car a more dynamic and exclusive appearance. Available in three matte painted versions.

Side scuff plate

Side scuff plate is a product that, with its stylish and exclusive appearance finish joins the car's sides with the other "Exterior Styling" accessories. Available in three matte painted versions that allow you to further personalise the car.


A diffuser for combination with integrated end pipes. Together they give the rear of the car a more elegant and sporty appearance. The diffuser is offered in three matte-painted versions that give you the option of further personalising your car.

Mirrors, door, cover

Unique rear view mirror covers with silvery surface finish, which give the car a sporty and exclusive character. Fitted as standard on "R-design".

Interior Styling

Mat, passenger compartment floor, rubber (Excl. CN)

A fully covering floor mat of sturdy natural rubber, with raised edges all around. The mat gives effective protection for the car's interior against the wet and dirt.

Mat, tunnel mat

A mat of natural rubber for the tunnel in the backseat. It protects the car's original mat from dirt and wear, and is especially suitable with three persons in the backseat.

Sport pedals

A bold and essential choice to create a sporty and exclusive interior.

Sill molding, illuminated, front

Sill moldings for the front doors in brushed stainless steel. The integrated LED lighting gives the threshold area a sporty and elegant look.


Complete wheel, summer "Modin" 8 x 18" (Excl. CN)

The wheels are supplied complete with rim, tyre, hub cap and valve on a return pallet. They are balanced and checked for out of roundness in the same rigorous way as in the car factory.

Aluminium rim "Titania" 8 x 18"

Aluminium rim "Titania" 8 x 18".

Aluminium rim "Ymir" 8 x 18"

Aluminium rim "Ymir" 8 x 18".

Aluminium rim "Skadi" 8 x 18"

Aluminium rim "Skadi" 8 x 18".

Tech and Sound

Rear seat entertainment

Rear seat passengers will enjoy their journey as never before with our new generation entertainment system, with LCD screens served by dedicated DVD players. Wireless headphones and one remote control are included, too.

Park assist camera, rear

Reversing into a tight parking space can be a stressful experience – wouldn’t it be good to have “eyes in the back of your head”? Your Volvo can provide that kind of supernatural ability with a camera mounted in the tailgate, which dramatically increases your field of vision behind the car.

Adaptive Digital Display

With high resolution digital instrumentation, you can adapt your car's instrumentation layout and interface according to your preferences. The 8" active TFT screen (Thin Film Transistor) gives the interaction between car and driver a new dimension.

Parking assistance, front

"Parking assistance, front" is an excellent system that warns of obstructions when you have limited space in front of the car, for example with tight parking.

Pack and Load

Roof load carriers

These specially designed load carriers fit neatly and securely onto your Volvo’s prepared roof rails. They’re easy to install and to combine with additional holders if required.

Deco rear bumper

Our Deco Rear Bumper strip is a smart solution that helps keep your V60 in prime condition. Tough and designed to harmonise with your sportswagon’s design, this adhesive strip protects your rear bumper from scuffing, which can occur during loading.

Mat, load compartment, moulded plastic

An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the load compartment and colour matched to the rest of the interior.

Bicycle holder, frame mounted, aluminium

A bicycle holder for anyone who appreciates a combination of elegant design and simple handling. Made of aluminium and structured around a solid rail and robust rod.

Safety and Confidence

Tyre pressure monitoring system, iTPMS (Excl. HK, JP, KR, PR, US)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (iTPMS) is a monitoring system for the tyre pressure. A correctly inflated tyre means less tyre wear, better fuel consumption and safer driving.

Child seat, infant seat (Excl. AU, BR, CN, KR, TH, TW)

For children up to 13 kg, newborns up to approximately 1 year old. The rear-facing infant seat, with high and well padded sides, together with the deep shape, gives optimal protection for your child.

Child Seat, rearward facing (Excl. AU, BR, CN, KR, TH, TW)

For children between 9 kg and 25 kg, approx. 9 months to 6 years old. Volvo recommends that your child sits facing backwards in the car to at least 3-4 years of age.

Child seat, booster seat (Excl. AU, BR, CN, KR, TH, TW)

For children between 15 kg and 36 kg, approx. 3-10 years old. Volvo recommends that your child sits facing backwards in the car to at least 3-4 years of age.

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