The New Volvo XC60

Beautiful to look at, easy to use, and crafted to reward your senses. Meet the new Volvo XC60.

Volvo XC60

The innovators

These are the people behind the Volvo XC60. The designers and engineers who have crafted a car that makes your life easier and more rewarding.

March 2017

Scandinavian design

With its commanding presence, the Volvo XC60 embodies refined strength. Once inside, you enter a sanctuary, where expert craftsmanship and natural materials combine to make this a Swedish home away from home.
Meet the XC60 designers

March 2017

No compromise on power

Michael Fleiss is an engineer – and he’s also a visionary. He believes less really is more, and that’s why the Volvo XC60 delivers the power of a large engine with the emissions of a much smaller one. The future is here.
Meet Michael

March 2017

Safer. Every journey

Our latest safety technology will help you to steer away from danger. Andreas Lindberg, Engineer, Collision Avoidance at Volvo Cars, explains how.
Meet Andreas

March 2017

Naturally easy

The starting point for any Volvo technology is always “how can we make this easier”. This means controlling your car’s functions and entertainment is second nature, explains Volvo Cars’ Johannes Hedberg and David Hermann.
Meet Johannes and David

March 2017

Pure sound

The Volvo XC60 is made for music. And with audio by Bowers & Wilkins, you can enjoy an immersive, personal experience on every drive, says Henrik Svensson, Manager, Audio Systems at Volvo Cars.
Meet Henrik

April 2017

The car that sees for you

With its multiple sensors and cameras, the Volvo XC60 can see and sense its surroundings so it can help you with parking and manoeuvring. Claes Boberg, Engineer, Low Speed Manoeuvring, at Volvo Cars, explains how it makes the everyday effortless.
Meet Claes

May 2017

Driving force

Creating the confident feeling you get behind the wheel of the Volvo XC60 meant finding the meeting point between art and science, says Volvo Cars’ Principal Engineer of Vehicle Dynamics, Roger Wallgren.
Meet Roger