The Volvo On Call app connects your phone, tablet and wearable device with your car for a range of functions that make life effortless, says Volvo Cars’ Fredrik Zetterlund

Words: Stephen Worthy

“Our aim is to connect you, your car and the world around you to make life simpler and more enjoyable,” says Fredrik Zetterlund, Lead Engineer, Mobile Apps. 

In the new Volvo XC60, Volvo On Call gives you remote control over your car through your smartphone, tablet or wearable device, making it an even more useful part of your life. 

Fredrik has first-hand experience of how helpful this can be. “Sometimes I go away to a little island, leaving my car on the mainland,” he recalls. “Once, my dad needed something from my car, which would have meant me taking a one-hour ferry ride into town and back to meet him. Instead I just got him to go to the car and unlocked it using my Volvo On Call app on my phone. Once he had got his stuff I just locked it again.”
Predictive functionality means that Volvo On Call acts like a brain – learning from your previous activities to help assist you on a daily basis. 

“We’re trying to make the app figure out what you want to do to help you along your way,” says Fredrik. “For instance, Volvo On Call can work out if it’s a working day. It will say ‘You have a meeting 15 minutes away – do you want to send the destination to your car? Then, when you get into your car, you will have the destination ready for you and you’ll be notified of any traffic problems.” 

Life feels easier with Volvo on Call because it’s integrated with MyVolvo, your online personal hub. This gives you 24-hour access to trained staff that can help if you need assistance on your journey. On-board connectivity through the app allows you to turn the cabin into a wi-fi hotspot for you and your passengers. ”It’s about using technology to improve people’s everyday experience,” Fredrik says. “We want to make car ownership as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

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