With the new Volvo XC60, getting the car you really want is easier than ever

Words: Gavin Green

“We want you to be able to make your car your own,” says Ebba Maria Thunberg, Volvo’s Design Director for Colour and Material. 

With a huge range of trim choices, options and accessories, the Volvo XC60 offers a multitude of ways for buyers to create a car that’s perfectly matched to their individual tastes. “There are so many ways you can make a strong statement with this car. You can really express yourself,” says Ebba Maria. 

“Personalisation fits perfectly with Volvo’s Designed Around You philosophy,” Ebba adds. “We understand that your car becomes part of your life and that it reflects who you are. And, of course, we come from Sweden, a place where people are valued as individuals.”

Purpose and elegance

“This is the most dynamic look we’ve ever created for an SUV,” says Ebba Maria of the Volvo XC60 in R-Design trim. “It’s perfect for those that want their car to look and feel sporty.” 

On the outside, unique R-Design touches include black, high-gloss grille inserts, a bespoke rear bumper insert and silk-finish grille frame, side window trim and door mirror housings. 

Inside, there are design details and materials that enhance the car’s sense of purpose, such as contrast stitching on seats, door inserts, dashboard and mats. The R-Design front Contour seats have special nubuck and perforated leather inserts. “They look great and also help to hold you in place through the corners,” says Ebba Maria. Another special feature for R-Design cars is the metal mesh decor. “It’s embossed aluminium,” Ebba Maria says. “It’s really three-dimensional – if you close your eyes and touch it you can feel the structure. It’s not just flat and shiny.” 

Inscription trim is the embodiment of modern Swedish luxury. “It’s very elegant,” says Ebba-Maria. “Pine Grey metallic, a new exterior colour, is the perfect complement. There’s a beautiful interplay between the elegant, subtle colour and the bright chrome trim on the front grille and side window surrounds.” 

Driftwood decor is another distinctive feature of Inscription models. “It’s inspired by wood washed up on the beach,” says Ebba Maria. “It’s unlike traditional automotive wood and has a very Scandinavian feel. When combined with the blonde interior trim, it gives the cabin the same sense of light and harmony as a Swedish home.”

Ebba Maria Thunberg - Vice President Colour and Materials

There are so many ways you can make a strong statement with this car. You can really express yourself

Passion and character

The optional panoramic roof for the Volvo XC60 reflects the passion for natural light that is part of life in Sweden. “It floods the cabin with light and brings the outside in,” says Ebba Maria. Running from the windscreen to the rear seats, the panoramic roof benefits everyone in the car, regardless of where they sit. 

On the outside, you can create an exclusive look with an optional exterior styling kit. “It’s designed to perfectly complement the character of the car,” Ebba Maria says. The package includes front and rear stainless steel skid plates, and integrated twin tail pipes. Wheelarch extensions frame bold 22-inch alloy wheels that give the Volvo XC60 an even more powerful, individual presence. format, displaying more of the road you’re travelling on than a landscape display would. 

It also comes with free over-the-air updates, which means the latest map information is sent directly to the car, so you don’t have to worry about finding it or downloading it.

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