Volvo Selekt XC70 on winding road



The smartest way to buy a quality pre-owned Volvo—with our commitment to your satisfaction. 

Carefully selected

Our cars are always under five years old with less than 150,000 km.

Checked and updated

Each car receives over 100 checks by Volvo technicians and software upgrades.

Satisfaction guarantee

You have 30 days or 1,500 km to exchange your car.

Warranty and assistance

Get minimum 12 months unlimited mileage warranty and Volvo Assistance.

Volvo Management Cars Available

The only pre-owned programme with a 14-day exchange policy, Volvo Management Cars is a total package designed to give customers quality and reassurance, making Volvo Management Cars cars the closest thing you'll find to a new car.

Cars Available for Sale:



V40 T2 SLX8097A Apr 18 Denim Blue Black 22,000 km $38,200 $109,999
V40 T4 SFA7070A Jan 19 Mussel Blue Black 1,700 km $32,909 $113,999
V40 T4 SMH4752R Jan 19 Ice White Black 3,300 km $33,689 $113,999
V40 T4 SMH8166G Feb 19 Denim Blue Black 2,000 km $32,909 $115,999
XC60 T5 SDQ80G Feb 19 Onyx Black Amber 1,900 km $33,689 $192,999
XC60 T5 SJY6060L Mar 19 Pine Grey Black 100km $37,620 $197,999
XC60 T6 R-Design SLX2002M Mar 19 Ice Wgitw Black 100km $37,620 $223,999
S90 T5 SMG4516L Dec 18 Ice White Black 4,600 km $30,851 $175,999
S90 T6 Inscription SMG6539H Dec 18 Onyx Black Black 4,100 km $31,809 $205,999
V90 T5 SLL5967Y Mar 17 Onyx Black Black 32,000 km $56,206 $169,999
V90 T6 R-Design SMG7375G Dec 18 Ice White Black 3,700 km $31,809 $225,999
XC90 T5 SDV90B Jan 19 Maple Brown Black 3,700 km $32,909 $261,999
XC90 T5 SKA6600T Jan 19 Onyx Black Black 4,300 km $32,909 $261,999

This online stocklist and prices are subject to change without prior notice. 
For more information, please visit the Volvo Showroom or call 6473 1488.

Mileage as of 21 Mar.

A fresh start. Guaranteed.

When you buy a Volvo Management Car, you’re getting more than a great pre-owned vehicle. You’re getting our commitment to your satisfaction. We accept only the best pre-owned Volvos, and we make them even better with our signature quality and safety.

All pre-owned vehicles receive the latest software upgrades, and Volvo-approved checks to certify they meet our safety, performance, and appearance standards. Each car also includes an extensive warranty, roadside assistance, and an exchange promise that gives you a great start with your chosen Volvo. To view Volvo Management Cars, visit your local Volvo Cars website for more information.