Stay At Home

Stay Home with Volvo

Stay Home With Volvo

We’ll be posting a range of fun content here as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s just our way of helping to make the Covid-19 circuit breaker a little better and brighter for all.
Stay home, stay safe, and stay tuned!

Swede Eats

Mix up your home cooking and learn how to make Swedish’s iconic meatballs. And of course, you’ve got to pair that up with an irresistibly fluffy Hasselback potato dish!
  Berry Saft   Punsch  
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Swede Sweats

Staying home doesn’t mean the exhilaration needs to stop. Try these Volvo-themed workouts to get your pulse racing and adrenaline going… just like our cars.




Volvo Recommends

Now that we’re all home, it’s a good time to catch up on movies. Did you know Volvo cars are film stars in their own right? They’re featured in well over 50 international movies. Take a look at our list for just 10 of our favourite movies featuring a Volvo. Grab some popcorn, a cosy blanket, and escape into movie land!

Volvo Vibes

Pour some bubbly. Pull up your armchair and grab a good book. Then chill to the sweet sounds of our very own lounge playlist. It’s the perfect way to end a long day of work from home.

Volvo x Flying Cape

For the May school holidays, Volvo and Flying Cape are proud to present a compilation of fun and educational science experiments. Click to download templates.

Interested in more?
Enjoy 20% off Smart Science Lab's Science Kits when you use promo code SSLVolvo20. Check out the promotion today at Available till 31 May 2020.
  Balloon Powered Car   Colour Changing Lemonade   Shoe Box Soccer  

Volvo Home Survival Kit - Colouring Pages

Keep your little ones entertained. Download and print out these fun and engaging activity pages.

  Volvo_Home_Survival_Kit_6   Volvo_Home_Survival_Kit_7  



Volvo Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Bring the sweet sights of Sweden to your Zoom meetings with these Swedish-themed downloadable backgrounds. Click the thumbnail below to download now.


Circuit Breaker Car Maintenance Tips

Staying at home means keeping your car parked for extended periods of time, which may cause several performance issues. Here are some ways you can prevent them.