Polestar performance optimisation

Extra driving pleasure anyone?

A Polestar Performance Optimisation will add a whole new driving experience to your Volvo. The improved performance is most noticeable in the mid-range of the engine revs, where you need and use it the most during active driving. For example, when overtaking or accelerating out onto a busy highway.

The Polestar Performance Optimisation also means your car will react faster and more accurately to your commands; with increased control and safety as a result. All Polestar Performance Optimisations are approved by Volvo which does not affect your car’s warranty, certified fuel consumption, emission values or service intervals. In fact the resale value of your car is most likely to increase which is a great bonus.
For more information about Polestar Performance Optimisation, your local dealer will be able to help.

Key Benefits
• An enhanced driving experience during active driving
• Unaffected certified fuel consumption and emissions
• Quick and easy installation
• Original Volvo warranty intact
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To read more about Polestar Performance Optimisation, please visit www.polestar.com or talk to the service or sales team at your local Volvo dealer.

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