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Elite triathlete and ex-career criminal, John McAvoy has become the living embodiment of the reforming power of sport. This is his story

Photos: James Carnegie

This is the story of John McAvoy, an ex-career criminal turned full-time professional athlete who is on a mission to inspire others and demonstrate that everyone has the capacity to turn their lives around.

Faced with serving a life sentence, John elected to change his life for the better after encouragement from his prison officer Darren Davis. Equipped with a rowing machine and the support of Darren, John built a fitness routine that would see him break numerous records behind bars, before going on to compete in elite-level triathlons across the globe.

Alongside forging a new life as an endurance athlete, John strives to inspire others and demonstrate everyone has the capacity to turn their lives around.

“I became consumed with being a triathlete, using my body as a vehicle to help me turn my life around.” 

John McAvoy

“John is massively inspirational, he really is. It’s the platform he’s got that can inspire so many people and change the lives of many others and that’s what it’s all about. It’s changing lives."

Darren Davis

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Enjoy power, responsibly

The XC90 balances power with sustainability. A range of electrified powertrains includes mild hybrids and T8 Twin Engine models capable of zero-emissions travel.

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The XC90 is available with seven seats. Whichever version you choose, each seat is designed so that everyone sits in luxury.

The beauty of space

The cabin of the XC90 is designed to make your life easier. As well as ample space for passengers, there is a flexible load compartment with up to 1868 litres of space.

Refinement, by design

The confident elegance of Scandinavian design principles bring a refined but powerful presence to the new XC90.

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