Next-generation drivers

For the last hundred years, we’ve had a simple view of cars – we drive them, they don’t drive us. But with autonomous drive technology, this is about to change.

A journey into the unknown

The image of the driver leaning back with a firm grip on the wheel, gazing towards the horizon, has become a classic. But, what will it be like to “drive” an autonomous car? What will happen to that feeling of power and control? Do we want to lose it? Do we want to share the control – and the fun – of driving with a computer? Resistance to change isn’t new. After all, it’s difficult to look forward to something when we don’t know how it may affect us.

As one of the safest car manufacturers in the world, Volvo Cars is constantly working on developing new technology to support drivers and help them make the right decisions when they are behind the wheel. Thanks to the development of this new technology, drivers can feel safer and more reassured. But what benefits do we believe autonomous drive technology can bring? Well, we’ve got a few ideas, but we’re more interested in what you think and how you embrace the journey into the unknown. After all, Volvo cars are designed around you.

We invited men and women from around the world to talk about the development of autonomous drive technology, and what it could mean for them and the world around them. Could Ray get used to not being in control? Could Mui learn to trust the technology? And how might life change for Henning and his wife, who are both blind?

“The world might not change. But our lives would.”


So, where will this technology take us? The journey towards a future where autonomous cars are a familiar sight on our roads is closer than ever. It’s a journey filled with exciting possibilities. And it’s only just begun.