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More than meets the eye

We take a look at the exclusive exterior styling elements designed for the new Volvo S90 and V90, and meet the designers who created them. But there’s a lot more to exterior styling than meets the eye. Not only do they improve a car’s look, they can also improve its performance.

“It’s a car’s unique character that decides the nature of the styling elements. Our aim is to strengthen these characteristics.”

Peter Reuterberg, Senior Exterior Designer at Volvo Cars.


Behind the design

Deep down, everybody wants their car to be different. And the Swedes are no exception. It’s just that they go about it in a more subtle manner. In fact, it’s always been the subtlety and simplicity of Swedish design that helps it stand out from the crowd. But what happens when you want to add something extra to your car’s appearance? Is there a secret to exterior styling that ensures you don’t upset the symmetry of the car’s overall look or spoil the subtlety of those clean, simple lines? Well, thankfully the answer is no. All you need are the right styling elements and, most importantly of all, the right designer.

That behind each unique styling element is a team of expert designers is something that is too often overlooked. Because not only do these designers have the expertise to create stunning looks that can improve a car’s appearance, they have the knowledge to fashion designs that can also improve a car’s performance. But when it came time to create a range of new exterior styling accessories for the new Volvo S90 and V90, where did our team of design experts begin?


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Bringing out the unique character

“When we start designing exterior styling products, there is always an overall design strategy,” says Peter Reuterberg, Senior Exterior Designer at Volvo Cars. “Even if we come up with an amazing spoiler we know a lot of people would buy, we still have to ask ourselves: is this a Volvo spoiler? Does it suit the character of the car we are designing for?” It is this focus on designing styling elements around a car’s unique character that enables Peter and his team to create such stylish designs that naturally integrate with the car’s overall form.

“It’s a car’s special qualities or unique character that decide the nature of the styling elements,” continues Peter. “Our main aim is to reinforce and strengthen certain characteristics. For example, our job could be to make a particular Volvo model appear sportier, more elegant, powerful or robust.” However, the styling elements must not have a negative effect on any of the car’s properties. Instead, Peter and his team strive to improve the car’s aerodynamics, durability and performance through their designs. And, of course, they also have to ensure that every styling product they design meets Volvo Cars’ demands regarding quality and safety.

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Styling the new Volvo S90 and V90

So, when it came to designing the exterior styling elements for the new Volvo S90 and V90, what were the designers looking for? Which elements of the cars’ character would they focus on bringing out?

“The new Volvo S90 and Volvo V90 are both elegant, elongated cars with a lean and dynamic look,” explains Peter Reuterberg. “It was decided that the exterior styling elements should sit low down on the cars. Designed to echo the design language of the S90 and V90, the deep, sculpted form of each styling element reflects light close to the ground and gives the impression of the car being pulled down to the road.” By creating the impression that a car is travelling in close contact with the road, it helps give a sportier, more dynamic appearance.

Other sporty details have been added that not only improve the cars’ air of dynamism but also their performance. For example, the way the styling details integrate and almost become one with the wheels of both cars or the addition of a sleek rear spoiler on the S90. Both of these styling elements are designed to improve the cars’ aerodynamics.

So, when it comes to Volvo Cars and exterior styling, it seems that there is a lot more to the designs than meets the eye. Thanks to our expert designers, adding a little extra exterior styling to your car can not only make a statement about your individuality, it can also help improve your performance.

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