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Defiant Pioneers

Chapter 2 - The Boatbreakers

Maria & Josefin

This story documents the unlikely story of Maria Rindstram & Josefin Arrhenborg. Defying conventions Maria and Josefin provide a solution to a national problem in Sweden, the recycling of boats in the archipelagos. 

Maria Rindstram & Josefin Arrhenborg

In the spring of 2007 Maria & Josefin had a sailboat they needed to scrap.
After weeks of research into how they could scrap the boat responsibly with no danger to the surrounding environment, they came to realise that there was no effective system for the disposal of ‘end-of-life’ boats in Sweden. 

"We had to do something, and we had to do it together"

Maria & Josefin

‘’At the beginning there was a lot to learn and to find out, a lot of rules, techniques and processes. We also felt it was important to find good collaborators so that we could stand the whole of the system.’’

Today they receive boats from all over Sweden, from smaller tug boats to well ships, from wooden boats to sailboats in fiberglass. They have also received a great response to the market, and been granted a prize from the Ministry of Industry as successful entrepreneurs.

Their universal belief in the need for people to look after their environment is what drives them to do what they do, and transcends the shores of Sweden. Matched with their future-facing thinking, entrepreneurial flair and problem solving attitude, their story taps deep into the Swedish values we stand by at Volvo today.