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From Paralympic swimmer to Paralympic triathlete and Strictly Come Dancing competitor, Lauren Steadman shares her life on the elite circuit as well as the importance of looking after our planet’s oceans, lakes and waterways

Photos: James Carnegie

Competing in international events across a multitude of sports, Lauren shares a story of her life overcoming obstacles in the water, on the bike, on the track and campaigning for the preservation of our planet’s natural environments.

Born missing her lower right arm challenged Lauren to overcome barriers. Her drive has seen her compete at two Paralympic Games, narrowly missing out on the gold medal in the paratriathlon last time out in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. With the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games on the horizon, Lauren’s relentless pursuit of victory will see her look to go one better on the world’s biggest paratriathlon stage in Japan.

As an athlete swimming in open water around the world, Lauren has personally witnessed the increase in water pollution and talks about its wider impact as well as the negative impact on training, racing and athletes’ general health. This, is Lauren’s story.

“We need to start protecting the waters of the world because it may be too late one day.”

Lauren Steadman


“When I think about Rio I have lots of mixed emotions. At the Games,I swam the wrong way. The swim recce was the day before and I made the choice not to do it because I didn’t want to get ill from water pollution.”

Lauren Steadman


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