We are proud to announce a collaboration between Volvo Cars and Nobel Media, a meeting of two Swedish institutions that share a commitment to furthering human discovery.

The story of Nobel Week

From the arrival of the 2016 Nobel Laureates in Stockholm to the Nobel Prize awards ceremony, watch the story of how the week unfolded.

Proud partners

Watch as Volvo Cars President and CEO Håkan Samuelsson introduces a collaboration between 2 global brands with Scandinavian heritage.

Technology that benefits people. Science for a better world.

We talk to Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Brand and Retail, Volvo Cars, about the shared values in the new partnership between Volvo Cars and Nobel Media.


Volvo Cars believes in technology that benefits people, not technology for technology’s sake. Equally, the Nobel Organization does not believe in science for science’s sake. They believe in science for a better world.

Official Nobel International Partner and Car Partner

“The Nobel Prize is for the greater good of mankind,” says Annwall. “It helps to promote science, knowledge, peace and academic achievements and gives global recognition to the achievers. We are really proud and honoured to help promote that message.”

Volvo Cars will also assist Nobel Media practically, in many ways. Thirty cars – both XC90s and S90s – will transport Nobel laureates and VIPs during Nobel Week in Stockholm in December 2016. As its official car partner, Volvo Cars will transport leading academics and other VIPs at Nobel Media conferences and events around the world, including the Nobel Prize Series in India and the Nobel Prize Dialogue in Japan in 2017. And Volvo Cars will also promote the cooperation through social media and other initiatives.

Proudly Scandinavian, truly global

“Volvo Cars has a basic value of being proudly Scandinavian but truly global. This resonates very well with the spirit of Nobel Media,” says Björn Annwall.

“From its inception in 1901, the Nobel Prize has celebrated outstanding global achievements in such fields as literature, science and peace,” adds Annwall. “Volvo Cars has also had a global outlook from its very beginning. The partnership will help elevate the Volvo brand in countries where we are not so well known, such as India, which is the site of the Nobel Prize Series in 2017, bringing together laureates, academics and corporate leaders.”

Volvo Cars believes the partnership will further help raise the standard of new graduates joining the company. “We want to inspire more top students to join Volvo Cars,” says Annwall. “This partnership boosts our relationship with academia and top universities, and will help us attract the very best graduates from around the world.”

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