The world is a fast-changing place, and at Volvo Cars we’re always thinking several steps ahead. So how could Volvo be enhancing your life in the future?

Does the car have a future?

The rise of megacities, air quality, global warming – all of these things are having a big impact on how cars are used. Congestion is a problem in many places in the world, but we strongly believe that there will be technical solutions to these problems. And we believe that, unlike in the past when cities were planned around the car, in the future cars will be designed around cities.

A technology revolution

We are moving from an era when cars had ever more power to one where we are thinking about what really adds value in a car – things like modern technology and connectivity. 

One big change will be self-driving cars, which could change the whole concept of the car. Volvo is already running cars that can drive themselves on public roads. So your car becomes your private chauffeur, and you can do other things in your car than merely driving it. Parking can be completely reorganised because you won’t need to be with the car for it to park, so you could stack cars to park them, for example.

And connecting cars to the cloud makes it possible for them to track each other. This could really change people’s behaviour, in the same way that phones have changed the way we behave and interact.

Co-operating for a safer and more sustainable future

Volvo and the whole car industry have made tremendous advances in safety, but there is still huge room for improvement. A spirit of co-operation is driving safety forwards – customers, governments and car companies together are making the world a much safer place.

And we are co-operating with customers and governments in the area of sustainability, too. At Volvo, we are good citizens; we believe in our role in society. We can transport people in a good way, manage congestion and decrease pollution and emissions. And we strongly believe it needs to be done together. 


A Swedish word that describes our mindset. A word that means to care, to consider and to think again. Some people would say it represents a different way of thinking. We call it our business strategy.