Trevor Johnstone, Personal Service Technician

When it comes to cars, Trevor Johnstone has always been curious to delve below the surface to see how things really work. It was this interest in the inner workings of cars and a strong desire for knowledge that led Trevor to become the first qualified Volvo Personal Service Technician in the UK. Trevor’s current position as Personal Service Technician at the Sentinel Volvo dealership in North London may be a long way from where he first began as an apprentice over a decade ago, but his passion and desire to learn and develop new skills is stronger than ever.

Name: Trevor Johnstone
Age: 29
Job: Personal Service Technician
Volvo Dealership: Sentinel, Tottenham, North London

Special areas of interest:
Product knowledge and people skills

Most satisfying part of your job:
Seeing customers leave the dealership confident and happy with the level of service I have provided.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing customers leave the dealership happy with the service I have provided.”




“The best thing about working for Volvo is the product,” he explains. “Everyone knows Volvo cars are all about safety and quality. 

But the thing Trevor credits his success at Volvo Cars UK with is the training. 

“The training at Volvo Car UK is excellent. It really boosted my confidence and showed me how to deal with different customers and different situations. But every customer and every day is different. So, even now, I’m still learning new ways of taking care of people and solving the issues they need help with.”

The car industry is constantly evolving and new technology is introduced all the time. So, it’s important that Trevor keeps up to date with the latest developments. To help Trevor keep track of the latest technology, he still receives regular training as part of his working week. 

“Some training I do at work and some at home. Sometimes I travel to the Volvo Cars Training and Development Centre in Daventry.” This continuous training helps Trevor gain an even better knowledge and understanding of Volvo cars – knowledge and understanding he can pass on to his customers.  


The position of Personal Service Technician demands a wide range of skills to deal with the wide range of responsibilities that come with the job. And this always guarantees a varied working day. 

“As a Personal Service Technician, I am responsible for carrying out repairs, maintaining the work area, job card preparation, contacting customers and preparing invoices once jobs have been completed. Good people skills are important as I have to explain to customers exactly what is wrong with their vehicle in a way they clearly understand. Being able to manage time is also important. Not only do I have to manage my time so I can get all my jobs done, I also have to find time to help my team members.” 

So, what does a typical day as a Personal Service Technician look like?

“Well, a typical day starts with me greeting the day’s customers and going through the work 

orders with them. Then, myself and the other members of the service team, carry out the repairs or service. If any additional work is required, I contact the customer in question and explain what extra work is needed. If the additional work is approved, it is taken care of there and then. When all work has been completed, I prepare the invoice and send it to my manager to for approval. Then, I contact the customer and let them know that their Volvo is ready to collect.” 



With so much going on every day, what is the most enjoyable thing about working as a Volvo Personal Service Technician?

“I get great satisfaction from seeing customers leave the dealership happy with the service 

I have provided. It’s great knowing they have confidence in me as a person and as a technician.
I also enjoy working as part of a team because we are able to share our knowledge and help each other improve.” 

Trevor has already achieved a lot in his career in a relatively short time, but what does the future hold for him?

“Over the years, I have acquired a lot of valuable product knowledge and important people skills. So, one day, I would like to use these skills to become a manager.” 

And what advice would Trevor give to future apprentices considering a career with Volvo Cars?

“If someone wanted to follow a similar path to me, I would say be patient. The rewards may take time to come, but so does knowledge. This is a really rewarding job if you are willing to take your time and learn.”