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Cutting-edge technology builds great cars. An artisan makes them luxurious.

Concept Estate

The Creative Visionary

Concept XC Coupe

The Elegant Adventurer

Concept Coupe

The Confident Beauty

Inspire your senses

Ambience Interior

Discover a new level of luxury with Ambience Interior – a unique in-car experience that connects with your senses to help reinvigorate, focus or relax you. Ambience Interior combines visuals, sounds and scents.

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Real innovation

Concept 26

Cars have always been a symbol of freedom. We believe autonomous driving will recapture this freedom, allowing drivers to choose how every moment in the car is spent. Whether the driver chooses to drive, or delegate driving to the car, the interior transforms to create the perfect environment. This is what Concept 26 is all about.
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CMA has helped us to capture something special, something youthful in our new concept cars. They have an energy, a disruptive and engaging urban character that makes them stand out.


Small cars, big vision

Our new concept cars will be the first built around Volvo Cars’ new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA). This has been specially created for smaller cars, liberating our designers and engineers to explore bold and daring new directions.

Show, don't tell

THIS CONCEPT OF “SHOW, DON’T TELL” was first revealed to the world with our trio of concept cars that set out to embody Swedish design, love of the outdoor life and creativity. These were a calling card: that a new era of design had begun at Volvo.


“The first coupe concept did the biggest thing in pushing the brand. I wanted people to say, ‘Oh, wow. Can Volvo really be that?’ The second car, the XC Concept, was like coming home. Suddenly, there was no question: this is a Volvo. We took the classic elegance of the Coupe – the chrome, leather – and changed it so that the same shape becomes an ultra-modern sport wagon, just through the use of colour and material.


“The last model – that was the one where Swedishness gained a really modern touch – is a two-door estate. If anyone can do that convincingly, then Volvo can. It is new for Volvo,” says Ingenlath, “but it was not a question of inventing a style just because we need a new design language – it was from the content, which is being transported through the design.”


Volvo Concept 40.1

Discover our vision for a small Volvo SUV, built around our new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

"By focusing on the needs of urban millennials, we can strike a disruptive blow to a stale segment."


Volvo Concept 40.2

Discover our vision for a small Volvo Sedan, built around our new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA).

"Stunning lines, a powerful stance and a youthful character sets the Volvo Concept 40.2 apart."

Our Innovations

Everything we do is designed around people, so every innovation we make is designed to simplify and improve your life. We're especially proud of our advances in efficient power, connectivity and safety.