Smartphone Integration

Enjoy the functionality of your smartphone from the driver’s seat.

Smarter and easier

In order to help drivers stay informed, while at the same time ensuring they stay focused on the road ahead, Volvo Cars has teamed up with Apple and Google to bring a convenient new world of information closer than ever before. CarPlay and Android Auto delivers the groundbreaking features and services familiar to users of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices directly into the Volvo Ninety Model range (S90, V90 and XC90) via the large, but beautifully integrated, centre console with an easy-to-use touch screen display. 

Volvo Cars has taken the technological capabilities from the two platforms and added their own unique stamp by linking them to a specially developed interface. This interface allows drivers to use both voice and steering wheel controls to access selected Apple and Android features and services.

Use standard smartphone applications

Via the standard applications that can be recognised from smartphone’s operating system, you can write text messages, make a call, listen to music and navigate. To use more applications, such as Spotify or Podcasts, it is required that these are downloaded onto your device.


Making life better on the road

Use CarPlay to access Apple’s popular iPhone apps. Make calls, send and receive messages, get directions, and listen to music—all from the driver’s seat.


Use Siri or the touchscreen display to send and reply to text messages. It’s a safer way to keep in touch with the outside world.


Chatting on the road doesn’t have to be distracting. Use Siri to make and receive calls, and listen to your voicemail.


Apple maps and easy-to-follow directions are just where you want them – right in front of you on Volvo’s bright display.


Music always makes a journey smoother. Listen to playlists, podcasts, and iTunes Radio using Siri or your car’s built-in controls.

Android Auto

Android Auto makes it possible to control many of the functions available in your Android phone via the car's centre display.

Focus on the road

Thanks to the voice functions of Siri and Google Now, you can focus fully on the road. Not only can the smartphone integration read out and write text messages but it can also call contacts from the phone book by you speaking to the function. To use the map application you can either enter the destination on the car’s touch screen or just tell your smartphone the destination.


The new volvo S90 & V90

A New Era for Driving

A belief in simplicity

The new user interface promises to not only transform how new Volvo cars are experienced – it will also transform how they look and feel. Two qualities that unite Volvo Cars and Apple are a belief in simplicity and a dedication to functionality. And it’s these qualities that will come to define the interior of all new Volvo cars.

“Apple’s clean and intuitive user interface is a perfect match with Volvo's Scandinavian design approach and our focus on fluid functionality,” says Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Cars.

Apple CarPlay integrates seamlessly with Volvo Cars’ new user interface. Visually, it becomes part of the on-board system, displaying well-known icons for Apple applications. Drivers will immediately recognise their basic iPhone applications, such as phone, messages, music and navigation.

Supported apps

Apps for an entertaining drive

CarPlay supports a range of other apps on your iPhone, with more are added all the time. Here are a few of our favourites:


Stream almost any music you like, make and share playlists, and build your biggest and best music collection ever.

Beats Music

The streaming service that combines top music experts and premium technology to always deliver the right music at the right time.


Listen to thousands of live radio stations and create custom stations based on your favourite artist or song.


Customize playlists of your favourite news, sports and comedy shows and podcasts to fit your mood.


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