Volvo Car Advantage Plan

Volvo Car Advantage - Personal Contract Purchase

If you like to change your car often, then with the Volvo Car Advantage personal contract purchase plan, is perfect. By deferring part of the cost to the end it means you can reduce the length of your agreement, and at the end you have the flexibility to keep, exchange or return your vehicle.

What is the Volvo Car Advantage (PCP) plan?

Pick and choose
The added advantage on this plan is that the final payment (guaranteed to be the minimum worth of the car) is optional – if you don’t wish to pay you can part exchange or return the car to Volvo.

Plan benefits:
  • Reduced instalments compared to regular finance plans due to optional final payment
  • Ideal if you plan to change cars every 2-3 years

How do the plans work?

Flexible Finance Plan
  • Choose from a range of deposits
  • You then choose your repayment period (up to 48 months) to suit your buying needs.
  • A Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) is set by Volvo taking into consideration the age and mileage of the car. This value is used to set the optional final payment.

At the end of the agreement you have three options regarding the final payment:

Option 1 - Part Exchange
-At any stage during your agreement you can talk to your dealer about settling your account and using any equity in your car towards a new Volvo.

-Or you can sell the vehicle privately having settled your account and keep any excess value above the GMFV/Optional Final Payment to use as a deposit on your new Volvo.

Option 2 - Retain ownership
-At the end of the agreement you can pay the GMFV/Optional Final Payment and retain ownership of the vehicle.

Option 3 - Return the car to Volvo
-Provided the vehicle is in a decent condition (please refer to your guide to fair wear and tear) and within your agreed mileage, you can return the vehicle to Volvo with nothing more to pay.  If you have exceeded the agreed mileage, an excess mileage charge will be due.

Design your own Volvo Car Advantage plan with the Volvo Finance Calculator.