Quick Guide

Get more from your Test Drive+

Our models are filled with innovative technologies and useful features. Read more about them below to make the most of every moment in the driver’s seat.

Enjoy an effortless first journey

Unlocking and starting

Whether your car is keyed or keyless.

Parking brake

How to use our electronic parking brake.

Adjusting your seats

Get comfortable for the road ahead.

Your personal co-pilot

Pilot Assist. Adaptive Cruise Control. Speed Limiter. The cars cutting-edge driver assistance technologies are there to give you a helping hand on the road.

Volvo Cars App

Introducing your app assistant

The car is fitted with Volvo Cars App so you can control various functions of the car remotely. As part of Test Drive+, you will receive a phone that has already been paired with your car.

Start your engine remotely

Start up your car and its climate control will automatically switch on, too – perfect for starting journeys in comfort.

Send destinations direct to your car

Plan your journey, find your destination on your phone, and then send it straight to the cars navigation system in just a few touches.

Access your driving journal

With Volvo Cars App, you can effortlessly track your past journeys, mileage and fuel consumption.

Never lose your car again

First, see its location on a map and then sound your Volvo’s horn or flash its lights to help you find it.

Park assist pilot

Effortless parking every time

Park Assist Pilot’s “Park In” scans for a suitable parking space (bay or parallel) as small as 1.2x the size of your car and then steers to help you manoeuvre into it.

Parallel parking

By indicating, you can select which side of the road the car looks for spaces on. Winding roads or inconsistent kerbs can confuse the sensors. Later, use “Park Out” for help getting out of tight spaces.

Bay parking

By indicating, you can select which side the car looks for spaces on. Once a space is found, stop when instructed. The car will then steer you into the space. All you have to do is reverse.

Tips for Park Assist Pilot

The driver is still responsible for keeping a close watch around the car, following the instructions in the Centre Display, selecting the correct gear, controlling and maintaining a safe speed, braking and stopping.

Make yourself at home

Your car seamlessly integrates with both your life and your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto. Plus if your car is fitted with either the upgraded Harman Kardon Premium Sound or Bowers & Wilkins sound systems you can enjoy immersive and highly customisable audio.

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Keeping connected in your car

The cars broad range of connectivity features is designed to make your everyday life easier. Here’s how to make the most of them on your Test Drive+.