Need any Help?

  1. Who am I buying my Volvo from?
    All Volvo models purchased on online are purchased from an official Volvo retailer. You will choose your preferred Volvo retailer once you have created your personal account. This is the retailer you will buy your Volvo from.
  2. Why do I need to create an account to see a retailer price
    Creating an account allows you to save any vehicle configurations or finance quotations you generate as well as reviewing vehicle pricing from your selected Volvo retailer. To set up your account, we only require a small amount of information from you. We will only use this information to contact you about your order, unless you have otherwise given us permission to do so.
  3. Why can’t I see my saved quotes when I change my preferred Volvo retailer?
    With Volvo online, you can only view and save quotations from one Volvo retailer at a time. If you change your preferred retailer, any previously saved quotations from other retailers will be deleted.
  4. Which Volvo models are available to purchase?
    The entire Volvo range is available for you to view and purchase online. You can either configure a car to your specification and order it from the Volvo factory or buy a model directly from the cars available at your preferred retailer. Please note: different retailers will have different vehicles in stock, so availability may differ depending on your chosen retailer.
  5. What happens if I do not describe the condition and / or mileage of my part-exchange vehicle correctly?
    It’s important to correctly describe the condition and / or mileage of your vehicle to obtain an accurate part-exchange valuation. Your retailer will check the condition of your vehicle against your assessment when you collect your new Volvo. Any discrepancies found may affect the valuation you were previously provided and could require you to pay any difference.
  6. What are the different finance options available to me?

    Purchase Plan - A simple way of financing that gives you the certainty of a fixed interest rate, and fixed monthly payments throughout the agreement. The initial deposit and repayment period can be structured to help meet your budget and the length of time you expect to keep the car. You can trade in your existing car and put this towards the initial deposit, or if you wish, just put down a cash deposit.

    Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) - A Personal Contract Purchase is a flexible form of loan where some of the cost is deferred until the end of the agreement in order to provide you with the benefit of lower monthly payments. The deferred amount is known as the Optional Final Payment and is sometimes also referred to as the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV). At the end of the agreement you have three options:

    1. Retain the car: simply pay the Optional Final Payment, and the agreement is complete.
    2. Return the car: there’s nothing more to pay if the car is in good condition and within the agreed mileage terms.
    3. Renew the car: choose another car, using any excess part exchange value that is above.
  7. What is a settlement figure?
    A settlement figure is the amount of finance outstanding on any current finance agreement you have on your current vehicle. You can obtain your settlement figure from your finance provider. If your current vehicle is financed by Volvo Car Financial Services you can contact them on 0800 085 1759 or visit
  8. I don’t know my exact settlement figure.
    You can obtain your settlement figure from your finance provider. If your current vehicle is financed by Volvo Car Financial Services you can contact them on 0800 085 1759 or visit If you require any help regarding your settlement figure, you can ask your chosen retailer to contact you. Simply click require help button when obtaining your part-exchange valuation and your retailer will contact you by phone.
  9. Can I arrange a test drive online?
    You can request a test drive with a Volvo retailer via your account by clicking on the test drive button at any time during purchase process. We just need a few details and your retailer will confirm your request directly with you.
  10. Can I purchase a Volvo online for my business?
    Online ordering is only available for private customers at this time. However, your Volvo retailer can assist with any business queries you may have.
  11. Why do I need to pay a reservation fee?
    The payment of a reservation fee reserves your Volvo while you apply for finance. For this payment we ask for pre-authorisation of a credit card. At this stage no money will be taken from your credit card. Once you confirm your order with your retailer, we will complete the reservation payment transaction of £1,000.
  12. What happens when I order my car?
    When you order your car, your order will be reviewed by your chosen retailer. Your retailer will then contact you to ensure that all details regarding your order and your finance application are correct. If you wish to change any details at this point, your retailer will assist with any updates you wish to make. Once you are completely satisfied, your retailer will then process your order.
  13. Can I change my mind?

    If you change your mind about your order following the pre-authorisation of your credit card, you don’t need to do anything – the pre-authorisation will simply be reversed after 7 days.

    However, if you have paid your reservation fee, you will need to contact your Volvo retailer to cancel your order. Your retailer will then arrange for your reservation fee payment to be refunded to you.

  14. Why have I been asked to provide more information for my finance application?
    Sometimes, during a finance application, additional information is required before a decision can be made. This depends on the information available from your credit history. If this applies to your application, your retailer will contact you to explain what information is required. Your retailer will then manage any updates required by Volvo Car Financial Services.
  15. What is eSign?
    If you buy a Volvo online (either via a Conditional Sale or Personal Contract Purchase), eSign allows you to sign your finance agreements digitally instead of in person at your retailer. If you can sign your documents digitally, you will receive a notification to let you know your finance agreement is ready to be signed. To access your agreement, simply log in to your account. Once you log in, you will be asked some personal questions to verify your identity. If you’re happy with the content of your finance agreement, simply sign the document by clicking your mouse in the customer signature box. If you have any questions or problems regarding the eSign procedure, your Volvo Retailer is always on hand to help.
  16. I’ve been informed that I can’t use eSign for my finance agreement. Why is this?
    In order to use eSign, we need to be able to confirm your identity. In some cases, not enough information is available from your credit file for us to do this remotely. This means you will have to sign your finance agreement in person. Your Volvo retailer will contact you to arrange a convenient time.
  17. I am interested in buying a car online but I have some questions first. Who do I contact?
    Your Volvo retailer will be able to answer any questions you may have. Please see our Retailer locator for their contact details and opening hours. Alternatively please contact Volvo UK customer relations team on 01628 422522 or on Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 to 17.30.