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XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. Now available on subscription.

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0 – 62mph
~ 208mi
Long range
~80% charged
Pure power

Why drive an all-electric car?

Lead the way

Both responsive and responsible driving – the vital combination provided by the high-performance electric powertrain in our first pure electric luxury SUV.

Pure power

408hp. 0–62mph in 4.9 sec. 1,500kg towing. No tailpipe emissions while driving. With the pure electric XC40 Recharge, you don't have to compromise anymore to drive in a more responsible way.

Long-lasting battery

A large 78 kWh battery with a projected range of 250 miles*. So you don’t have to charge it often. And when needed, it can fast-charge from zero to 80% in approximately 40 minutes**.
* Range is according to WLTP and EPA driving cycles and real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending. ** Fast charging DC up to 150 kW under optimal charging conditions.

Our first fully electric car

Going green and making the switch to all-electric has never been simpler than with our compact SUV. And now you can flexibly subscribe short-term rather than buy outright – meaning more peace of mind for you as well as the planet.
Park Assist 360°camera
Four high-definition cameras give you a 360° bird's-eye parking view, so you can breeze in and out of any confined space with confidence.
Premium sound by Harman Kardon
Fourteen hi-fi speakers, including air-ventilated front and rear subwoofers, create a beautifully balanced and powerful sound that captivates the senses.
Heat pump
Save valuable energy and extend your driving range with the environmentally friendly heat pump. It recycles thermal energy from ambient air and waste heat to keep your car at a comfortable temperature.

Why subscribe to Care by Volvo?

No long-term commitments

Embrace an all-electric drive with the XC40. No long-term contract. Change car or quit with 3 months’ notice.

No hidden costs

Order your fully electric XC40 online. No deposit. Just a clear monthly fee that covers most practicalities.

30-day trial

Try the XC40 for 30 days. If an electric car isn’t for you, there’s no notice period or exit fee during this time.

Included in Care by Volvo subscription

  • Initial 30-day trial period
  • 3-month notice period
  • No upfront costs
  • Service & maintenance
  • Wear & tear cover
  • Warranty & mechanical repairs
  • Courtesy car/Collection & delivery
  • Mandatory tax & inspections
  • Replacement tyres
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Volvo On Call
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

What do you want to know about the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric?

If you’re looking for a flexible, hassle-free alternative to leasing or buying a brand new electric car without any long-term commitments, subscribing to the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric is the perfect choice.

Our flexible subscription starts with a 30-day trial, during which time there's no notice period or exit fee. After that, you can continue with your subscription – and change car or quit with just 3 months' notice.

That way, you get to decide if an electric car is the best option for you without committing to a lengthy lease contract or expensive deposit.

When you lease or buy a car, the most common finance offers (PCP, HP, PCH) have a contract length of 36 or 48 months. With our subscription, you get a 30-day trial without any notice period.

So now that you can subscribe to the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, it's never been simpler to go green and try an electric car without making a big commitment.

After your trial, you can keep your electric car and change it – or quit – with just 3 months’ notice.

Plus, with traditional financing it’s often difficult to calculate your total costs. With Care by Volvo, it’s easy to stay in control of your finances. There’s no bank loan, no deposit, no hidden costs. Just a clear monthly fee that covers most practicalities.

The charging time depends on the charging equipment you use and the electric installation at home. The standard home charging cable with a household connector (3 pin plug) is primarily an auxiliary cable. Charging an empty battery to 100 per cent with this cable takes approximately 36–60 hours. For regular and considerably shorter charging times at home, we recommend a 3-phase 11 kW wallbox. This installation can give you approximately 7.5 hours charging time (from empty to 100 per cent). When charging at stations outside your home, you may charge the car using fast-charging DC stations. At a 150 kW DC charging station you can charge the battery from zero to around 80 per cent in approximately 40 minutes. Just enough time to take a rest and have a meal. Please note: Charging times will vary and are dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature, current battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition.

The battery has a nominal capacity of 78 kWh. A fully-charged battery gives you a projected range of 250 miles* at mixed driving before you need to recharge. But your real-world range is also affected by your driving style and other circumstances such as outdoor temperature, weather, wind, topography and roads. Other factors that impact range are how much electricity you use for car functions such as heating and cooling of the car. One way to improve range, is to pre-condition your car during charging so it's already comfortable climatized when you go. You can also add a heat pump that saves valuable energy.

But on a daily basis, you will likely charge the battery whenever your car is parked (where charging is possible) – be it at home, at work or at the shops. So range should not be an issue for everyday driving provided that you have good access to charging.

*Range according to the realistic WLTP and EPA driving cycles under controlled conditions for a new vehicle. Real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending.

This pure electric compact SUV is perfectly suited for comfortable long-distance driving. And the battery's high capacity with a projected range of 250 miles* ensures you can do so without worrying about range. If you need to charge during the journey, you can do so at an AC charging station or DC fast-charging station. At a 150 kW DC fast charging station, it's possible to charge the battery from zero to 80 per cent in approximately 40 minutes – just enough time to rest or have a meal during the trip.

*Range according to the realistic WLTP and EPA driving cycles under controlled conditions for a new vehicle. Real-world range may vary. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification pending.

The cost for electricity varies depending on local conditions, but the cost can be considerably lower compared to petrol or diesel. The lowered fuel cost is also one of several reasons to switch to an electric car. And for even lower costs, you can pre-set your XC40 Recharge Pure Electric to charge at the times when the tariffs are the lowest, often at night.

The standard-fitted home charging cable is primarily designed as an auxiliary cable for household applications. For considerably faster and more convenient charging at home, we recommend installing a 3-phase 11 kW wallbox. And depending on your home electrical service capacity, there's the option of either a 1-phase 16A “Blue Plug” cable or a 3-phase 16A “Red Plug” cable capable of up to 3.5 kW (1-phase) or 11 kW (3-phase) charging.

Please note: the availability of charging equipment may vary depending on market.

For DC fast-charging, our recommendation is to charge max 80 per cent. This helps keep your charging times short because it's the last 20 per cent of the charging that take the longest time to achieve. But if needed to reach your destination or the next charging station, you can choose to charge the battery with up to 100 per cent using the settings in the car's centre display.
Volvo Cars is committed to full traceability, helping to ensure that our customers can drive electrified Volvos knowing the raw material for the batteries has been sourced responsibly. The introduction of blockchain technology significantly boosts traceability within our cobalt supply chain. Blockchain, in conjunction with inspection on mine sites, GPS tracking, entry and exit scanning, verified logistics providers, facial recognition, ID checks, and time tracking, all contribute to a material's traceability from a mine to the car factory. Volvo Cars works closely with our suppliers to increase the sustainability of our products and services, including through securing responsible supply chains and making efficient use of resources. We are committed to the responsible sourcing of minerals and metals, and fully support the OECD Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-affected and High-risk Areas. In this respect, we require our battery suppliers to support our commitment to have full transparency of our cobalt supply chain by 2020, and to work towards full traceability. Sustainability performance is a key consideration when assessing and selecting our suppliers. We monitor the performance of existing suppliers, and follow up with third party audits. We also put requirements on our battery suppliers to minimise carbon emissions during the production processes, including through the use of renewable energy. All our suppliers have to agree to the Volvo Car's Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which includes the observation of human rights, including labour rights.
Over the average full lifecycle, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric's carbon footprint will be lower compared to both the XC40 plug-in hybrid and the XC40 mild hybrid. The exact differences for the vehicle types depend on a lot of parameters, for instance the electricity mix when charging, the vehicle's lifetime and driving behaviour.
The battery means there is 500 kg of extra weight that needs to be addressed in an impact – for the car's occupants as well as for other vehicles. The battery also needs separate protection to avoid harmful leakage after a collision. By utilising a range of innovative safety solutions, Volvo Cars' safety engineers have met all these challenges.
The electric motors are sealed for life and are maintenance-free. So compared to a combustion engine propelled car, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric needs much less maintenance which may result in lower running costs.
Smart battery design means all occupants have as much space as in an ordinary XC40. This also gives uncompromised versatility and smart storage solutions. The rear load compartment capacity is 413 litres above the load floor. The battery encroaches the space below the load floor, but this is to a large extent compensated by the front load compartment under the hood with space for charging cables and other stuff.
We believe you should be able to drive pure electric without compromising on everyday versatility. That's why the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric allows towing up to 1,500 kg/3307 lb.

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