Volvo Car Leasing
Replacement Glass

When a windscreen or other element of vehicle glass is damaged, it’s important to get it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to limit further damage.

Fixed price
Manage the cost of your fleet’s glass expenses with an innovative product offering you the option to budget for the cost of replacement glass within your monthly rental.

Our product
Available to Volvo Car Leasing-funded vehicle fleets, Fixed Price Replacement Glass offers you the option to spread the cost of replacement glass over the duration of the vehicle contract. This is available instead of paying for each glass replacement as a recharged amount as with our ‘standard’ glass service.

The benefits
Based on a recent study of the Lloyds Banking Group fleet, there is the potential to reduce your costs for glass repair and replacement.

We will include the cost of replacement glass into your monthly rental invoice, helping to reduce administration.

This product could give you the option to cancel your existing glass insurance, providing further savings.

Fixed Price Replacement Glass includes:
Fixed price repair and replacement of all vehicle glass (this service excludes minibus, panoramic windscreens, mirrors and sunroof glass).

How it works
The product must be added across the entire fleet and is available to Volvo Car Leasing-funded vehicles only. Please note: the cost of glass is subject to annual review.

Our service
Available to all Volvo Car Leasing customers who choose this service, one call to our team is all it takes to arrange a glass repair or replacement.

Typically, this is carried out within two hours for emergency replacements, but can be arranged at the driver’s convenience for non-emergency repairs.

The benefits
Our replacement glass service can help reduce the administration and hassle of arranging a repair or replacement by managing this for you.

Replacement glass includes:
• One call to our Vehicle Services Management team to report the problem
• Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Emergency replacements are typically completed within two hours
• Other work such as replacement/repair of cracked glass
• Completed at the driver’s convenience
• Repairs are undertaken if a full replacement is not necessary

How it works

For any replacement glass claims, we will arrange for the work to be completed and recharge your account for the repair. This amount will vary depending on the cost of each repair.