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“The design of the car is elegant and understated, whilst the performance is very impressive”
(Catherine - London)
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Volvo V40 Owner Review

The V40 R-Design really is a beautifully made and fantastically styled car.  I love driving it, I actually look forward to my weekly commute now whereas I used to dread it. Being inside the car is such a nice place to be. Fabulously sculpted interior with such a solid feel to all the trim. It looks like a car that costs £5k - £10k more and drives so much better than anything else I test-drove before I decided on the V40. My favourite thing about the V40 R-Design however is the way it looks. I know it's not an Aston Martin or a Ferrari, but it's a great looking car and in the Rebel Blue, it looks stunning (when it's clean!)

In terms of practicality, I can't really comment as only I use it. The boot is big enough for 3 large suitcases and I've had 3 adults in the back which was fine for short distance, but if you're tall, it might be a little uncomfortable after a while.

Another huge benefit to this car is the economy. Now I've read a few reviews which have listed this as a negative. I can totally vouch for this car being capable of 56MPG. This is derived from a 50/50 split of motorway driving and urban travel. Yes it's down on the official figures, but this is an industry thing, not Volvo trying to con you

If you're reading this review as you're not certain about this car, all I can say is; go for a test drive. I drove 6 cars that day including some of lower spec'd high class manufacturers models, and all it took was 5 minutes for me to choose this car. For the price, the equipment, build-quality, trim level and amazing interior, not to mention the way it feels to drive, you will not find a better car for the money.

(James, UK)

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