The XC60

Twin Engine

The T8 Twin Engine gives you the best of both worlds. Power without compromise

Our high-performance powertrain, the T8 Twin Engine AWD, turns the XC60 into a true performance car but, with its combination of turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine with an electric motor, also has the lowest CO2 emissions of the range.

Made from Orrefors® crystal, the gear selector in the T8 Twin Engine AWD blends traditional Swedish materials with advanced design and technology.

Plug in and charge up. Use the charging port to connect the car to the mains and enjoy the refinement of the electric motor wherever you go.

The power of a turbo and supercharged petrol engine combined with a responsive electric motor makes the T8 Twin Engine AWD a true performance SUV.

Four different drive modes offer precise control over the car’s powertrain. Hybrid mode uses petrol and electric power for the best balance of power and efficiency while Pure uses the electric motor
only for zero-emission driving. Power combines the full output of the petrol engine and the electric motor for the best performance, while AWD switches to full-time all-wheel drive. Blend your favourite
elements of each mode and create a mode that’s tailored to your needs by selecting Individual.
Charging the battery is quick and easy. Drive the car and it charges the battery with a generator and regenerative braking. If you need to top it up, plug it into the mains supply and the battery can be fully charged in under three hours.