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Plus4 at Lipscomb

Plus4 Club

The Plus 4 Club scheme is unique to Lipscomb Volvo and gives valuable benefits and reduced motoring costs to drivers of vehicles over 4 years old. 

Now with three purchase options, there are a host of benefits including discounts on MOT tests, parts, labour and accessories including free membership to Volvo Accident Assistance.

  • Option 1 - £49.50 for the life of the ownership
    10% Labour discount - 10% Parts discount - 10% Accessories discount - £10.00 off MOT test fee annually
  • Option 2 - £89.50 for the life of the ownership
    20% Labour discount - 10% Parts discount - 10% Accessories discount - £20.00 off MOT test fee annually
  • Option 3 - £99.50 for the life of ownership
    25% Labour discount - 12% Parts discount - 15% Accessories discount - £30.00 off MOT test fee annually

For further information on the Lipscomb Plus 4 Club please contact a member of our service team at our Ashford dealership.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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Human Made Stories

Volvo Car UK has today announced Human Made Stories, a series of short films in partnership with Sky Atlantic, to mark its new 90 series range of cars.
In parallel with Volvo's values of innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and design, Human Made Stories conveys the Volvo philosophy to always put people first by telling the stories of three defiant pioneers: people who inherently do things differently, challenge conventions and create their own path.

4 New World Records

A British kitesurfing family is celebrating after successfully taking on the Round the Isle of Wight World Sailing Speed Challenge and setting four new World Records.
Professional kitesurfers – Steph Bridge and sons Olly (18) and Guy (16) – took to the waters around the Isle of Wight on 30 June 2016 on their foiling kitesurf boards. Travelling the 50 nautical miles around the coastline of the Island on the south coast of the UK, they averaged speeds between 16 and 20 knots.
Guy was first around the island in a time of 2 hours 32 minutes and 25 seconds, averaging speeds of 19.68 knots, with the World Sailing Speed Record (WSSR) Council confirming that Guy is now officially the Fastest Kitesurfer around the Isle of Wight. He also set the record for the Fastest Singlehanded Sailor around this island at the same time
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