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When you have your car serviced at a Volvo dealership, we make a pledge to you. It's called the Volvo Service Promise - and it guarantees an unbeatable combination of quality, reassurance and expertise. First, your personal service advisor will deal with any of your questions and make sure you get to where you need to go. Our expert technicians will then give your car a full health check including a free software upgrade to ensure that it's performing at its best. Finally, we'll provide you with 12 months' complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance and a car wash.

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Service Plans

Volvo Service Plans are designed to spread servicing costs on an interest free monthly basis and are designed with you and your driving needs in mind. It’s an easy and smart way to handle the cost of servicing and Plans are available for cars up to 4 years of age. Whether you have just purchased your Volvo or owned it for some time, the Volvo Service Plan will fix the prices of parts, labour and oil for up to six years, guaranteeing your car is serviced by Volvo-trained Technicians at any of our authorised Volvo Dealers and Service Centres. You will also automatically benefit from the Volvo Service Promise which includes free 12 months Volvo Assistance and if applicable a free software download. Depending on the age of your car, Plans can be taken out for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years and each plan provides you with the required number of services dependant on your mileage profile and the specification of your Volvo. Therefore, whether you are a low or high mileage customer there is a service plan designed around you.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyre performance is not just about dealing with snowy conditions. Below 7oc, winter tyres offer more grip and shorten braking distances by up to 10% on wet, and up to 20% on icy roads. During the months between October and April, the average temperature is usually 7oc and below, exactly where winter tyres can help. These tyres would also help the 48% of motorists who have an accident in the winter that is attributed to skidding.* With Volvo you have the option of ordering a combination of alloy wheel and premium tyre packages, a set of four premium tyres or individual premium tyres. Murray Sighthill offer 16", 17" or 18" tyres and packages, dependant on model and existing wheels fitted to the vehicle.

Visit www.volvocars-lothiantyres.co.uk

Winter wheel & tyre offer


2013/2015 Models Only

V40 Wheels Aluminum rim "Matres" 7 x 16". Supplied with winter tyres,
205/55 R16 Pirelli, Sotto Zero II £799 The set inc vat

2 sets only in stock



2013/2015 Models Only

S/V60 Wheels Aluminum rim "Oden" 7 x 16". 215/55 R16
Supplied with Continental, Conti Winter Contact £960 The set inc vat

1 set only in stock

Total Protection Pack

Reversible boot mat £140

A high quality, reversible protective mat. The mat is practical and waterproof with textile on one side on plastic on the other. The mat has an attractive design with scalloped edges. The textile is colour-coded to match the rest of the interior. Warranty Compliant, Made To Fit, Including Volvo Accessory Warranty.

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Boot liners from £100

Available in different materials and with low or high sides - the flexible Neoprene fabric liner is press-studded to the boot compartment, the flexible plastic low sided liner is a removable tray or there is a practical, moulded plastic cargo box specially designed for transporting large and dirty loads.

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Volvo towbars £650 – £750

These Volvo towbars are deal for touring caravans. Choose between a fixed towbar or one which detaches easily.

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Polestar Performance Upgrade - £835 inc VAT & Fitting

Polestar Performance Optimisation enhances driving pleasure and increases the performance of your Volvo. The technology has been developed by Polestar in close co-operation with engineers at Volvo. The car feels more active to drive while simultaneously increasing safety in situations where further performance is required, for example when overtaking.


All of this is offered without an increase in the certified fuel consumption or emissions level, which means that the car's environmental impact remains unchanged. Polestar Performance Optimisation is not available for all engines. To find out whether your Volvo can be optimised, please ask a member of staff.

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Volvo Service Promise

A service for you and your car

When you have your car serviced with us, you receive our Volvo Service Promise, which is made up of eight key benefits:

- Personal Service Contact
- Alternative Transport
- Health Check
- Car wash
- Free software update
- 12 months free Volvo Assistance
- Genuine Service 
- Price Promise


Health Check

We do everything we can to make your car Volvo as safe as possible. And to make sure it stays that way we're offering to carry out a 30-point health check of your Volvo.
This 40-minute inspection will make sure your Volvo continues to deliver the highest standards of safety for you and your passengers.
Our Volvo trained technicians inspect all the mechanical elements of your car and connect your car to our diagnostic system - to check the parts you can see and the ones you can't. We'll also be able to let you know about any software upgrades available for your model direct from the Volvo factory in Sweden.
Your Vehicle will also be returned washed and vacuumed free of charge. For that extra peace of mind, book your health check today.
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Volvo Trade Club

There’s only one way to guarantee that your customer’s Volvo stays completely safe and 100% Volvo, fit Volvo Genuine Parts. 
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