Our Testimonials

Here at Havant, we pride ourselves in delivering a great customer service. You can see some of our testimonials below.

Steve Gibbons

No Pressure

Andy, Keith and the rest of the team are always patient and willing to help with any queries. The V60 Twin Engine was a dream car of mine since I saw the first D6 iteration back in 2013. Prior to the launch of the V60 D5 Twin Engine. Their sales experience shows, no pressure, but the right amount of guidance to get me to where I wanted to be.


Barry Osborn

Impressive Knowledge of the Product

From the first contact I had with John Eastman I knew that I would buy a new car. His sales attitude and product knowledge impressed me and made the whole experience of buying a new car a pleasure.

Justin Saward

Enjoyable Experience

The dealer (John Eastman) made the whole process, car selection to delivery, a very easy and enjoyable experience. No sales pressure, honest help with options selections, weekly updates on the delivery date and a professional vehicle handover. Oh, he also sent a follow-up email about a week later to check all was well with our new XC90. I've not bought Volvo before.