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When you have your car serviced at a Volvo dealership, we make a pledge to you. It's called the Volvo Service Promise - and it guarantees an unbeatable combination of quality, reassurance and expertise. First, your personal service advisor will deal with any of your questions and make sure you get to where you need to go. Our expert technicians will then give your car a full health check including a free software upgrade to ensure that it's performing at its best. Finally, we'll provide you with 12 months' complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance and a car wash.

Service Plans

Volvo Service Plans are designed to spread servicing costs on an interest free monthly basis and are designed with you and your driving needs in mind. It’s an easy and smart way to handle the cost of servicing and Plans are available for cars up to 4 years of age.

Whether you have just purchased your Volvo or owned it for some time, the Volvo Service Plan will fix the prices of parts, labour and oil for up to six years, guaranteeing your car is serviced by Volvo-trained Technicians at any of our authorised Volvo Dealers and Service Centres. You will also automatically benefit from the Volvo Service Promise which includes free 12 months Volvo Assistance and if applicable a free software download.

Depending on the age of your car, Plans can be taken out for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years and each plan provides you with the required number of services dependant on your mileage profile and the specification of your Volvo. Therefore whether you are a low or high mileage customer there is a service plan designed around you.


RRP £835. Volvo Price £745. Our Price £650.

A Polestar Performance Optimisation will add a whole new driving experience to your Volvo. The improved performance is most noticeable in the mid range of the engine revs, where you need and use it most during active driving. For example, when over-taking or accelerating out onto a busy road.

Why Optimise Your Volvo?

- Enhanced driving experience when you need it most
- Unaffected certified fuel consumption and emissions 
- Volvo warranty intact

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Summer Health Check

Get your Volvo ready with a fully comprehensive Summer Health Check for £30. Book your Health Check now.

The Summer Check takes 30 minutes and is a comprehensive 37-point check of your Volvo. 

It includes an air conditioning performance test, a check of the tyres, brakes, suspension components, all fluid levels, lights, and wipers to ensure your Volvo is ready for the summer holidays.

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An exclusive exterior styling kit for anyone wanting to personalise their car. The kit gives the car a more refined but still robust character that further increases the XC feel.
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Our Volvo Tyres Network provides an online tyre booking service for your Volvo. We offer you a great service, competitive prices and we also offer a free health check to make sure your Volvo is in full working order.
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