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Volvo Cars retail sales up 9.6 per cent in first nine months of 2016

Volvo Cars continued its global sales momentum in September and reported its 16th consecutive month of global growth on the back of increases in all main regions. Sales for the first nine months are up 9.6 per cent year-on-year to 379,329 cars, while September sales rose by 6 per cent to 48,259 cars.

• Monthly and year-to-date sales growth in all main regions, total global sales of 379,329 cars
• September represents 16th consecutive month of growth
• September sales up 6 per cent to 48,259 cars, driven by strong 27.8 per cent growth in China
• Strong demand for new XC90 main growth driver
• UK sales of 34,861 so far this year, up 7.6 per cent on 2015's figures

Human Made Stories

Volvo Car UK has today announced Human Made Stories, a series of short films in partnership with Sky Atlantic, to mark its new 90 series range of cars.
In parallel with Volvo's values of innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and design, Human Made Stories conveys the Volvo philosophy to always put people first by telling the stories of three defiant pioneers: people who inherently do things differently, challenge conventions and create their own path.

Drive Me

The autonomous version of the XC90 SUV will be the first vehicle to be handed to real families in Gothenburg and will be driven on public roads.

Volvo already offers Pilot Assist which keeps the car centered with lane markings. The new Drive Me cars will add to this by offering hands off and feet off capabilities. These will only be used in special zones in the city.

Unlike other autonomous experiments, Drive Me will be consumer focused and will combine research from its own engineers as well as the data it gathers from real customers.The idea is that by having multiple data points, Volvo will be able to offer this system in its vehicles when it launches commercially around 2021.

The cars are currently in the testing phase to make sure that the technologies function as they should. Once complete, the cars will be handed over to customers who are taking part in the Drive Me experiment. 

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