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For the months of May & June ONLY we are offering Polestar Optimisation fitted for £575.00

We will also give you 20% off any additional accessories that you order at the same time.

Contact our service department on 023 9244 5300 for more details.

Volvo Cars reports global sales of 39,742 cars in February

Volvo Cars reported global sales of 39,742 cars in February, down 8 per cent compared to the same period last year, as volumes were impacted due to continued sales pressure in China as a result of the coronavirus. The ambition is to recover the lost volumes through global sales throughout the remainder of the year. The company’s top three European markets of Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom also posted strong sales performance for the month. In February, Volvo Cars’ award-winning SUVs maintained steady growth, with total SUV volumes reaching 27,518 cars sold, accounting for 69.2 per cent of the company’s total sales. In February, the XC40 was the top-selling SUV, followed by the XC60 and the XC90. Volvo Cars’ Recharge line-up of chargeable Volvo models also saw an 88.4 per cent jump in February sales compared with the same period last year. Recharge is the overarching brand name for all chargeable Volvo models with a fully electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain. Volvo Cars’ sales in Europe reached 23,442 cars, up 1.9 per cent compared with the same period last year. Sweden, the company’s largest market in the region, reported a 5.3 per cent year-on-year growth in volumes, whiles sales in Germany and the UK increased by 20.6 per cent and 10.8 per cent respecitvely. The XC40 was the highest-selling car in Europe for the month, followed by the XC60. Sales in China were impacted in February by the spread of the coronavirus, as many retail outlets were closed down for the month. Total volumes in February were down 81.5 per cent compared with last year, to 1,205 cars.

Repairs That Are More Than Just Skin Deep

Accident and Repair

It is your legal right to have your car repaired, where you choose. Naturally, we would recommend that all Volvo's are repaired using a Volvo Approved Bodyshop where Volvo repair methods are followed and only 100% genuine Volvo parts are guaranteed to be fitted during the repair process.

Volvo's Approved Bodyshop network are trained and equipped to be able to repair your car to Volvo's high safety and quality standards. When turning to an approved Volvo Bodyshop, you can be certain that your car will be repaired by a trained technician at a Bodyshop that complies too Volvo's high body repair competence standards, ensuring that the highest safety, quality and environmental demands are met.

To help support our customers Volvo Cars UK are also pleased to provide Volvo Car Accident Assistance. This is a unique product designed to support customers in the event of an accident whoever you may be insured with.

Our free of charge Volvo Accident Assistance service, that is available to all Volvo owners ensures that your Volvo is repaired back to factory standards giving you the peace of mind that it’s as safe as the day you bought it

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Volvo Tyres


Selecting the right tyre for your Volvo is simple and easy, with our dedicated online

tyre booking system. By booking your Volvo tyres online you can have your tyres fitted at your local

Volvo Approved Dealership whilst you wait in comfort. You will find details of the Original Equipment tyres

(the ones that were handpicked for your vehicle when it was made) online but if you need a hand, we’re here to help.

We recommend that you replace your vehicle with like for like tyres to ensure that you maintain the comfortable ride

and your Volvo remains efficient. Fitting the correct tyres to your Volvo is vital and this is the only part of your car that

is in contact with the road.

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The New Volvo S60

Meet the sports saloon designed to capture the feeling of pure driving pleasure

The new Volvo S60 is the sport saloon that rewrites the driving story. Effortless performance meets intuitive technology, while a sophisticated chassis balances comfort and control. And a choice of driving modes puts you at the centre of a dynamic experience. The interior is tailored around your needs – a place where connected, easy-to-use technology combines with the wellbeing that only human-centric innovation and elegant Scandinavian design can provide.

Build Your Own S60