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Executive Director

Matt Worton - Sentinel Volvo Executive Director
Matt Worton

Matt has more Volvo experience than one can imagine. Having worked in the family business at Braydon Motor Company from a young age, initially coordinating the workshop and then on to selling Volvos, that's where Matt discovered his true talent and passion. To give you an idea of the length of Matt's involvement in the industry, his first car sales were the Volvo 480. After seeing a shortfall in Volvo services supplied in the North London area, Matt went on to open up Sentinel, a complete Volvo sales, service and parts centre.

HR Manager

Lucy Bushell

Lucy is in charge or recruitment, training and high level admin at Sentinel Volvo.

Sales Manager

Bradley Lawrence
Bradley Lawrence

Having worked across several brands which we will not be mentioning here, Brad (as we dearly call him) took over the lead of the sales department to help grow the business. His decision to take the challenge was outright as he believes Volvo as a brand is going through very exciting times with the launch of the new XC90 and overall where the brand is moving towards. Get in touch with Brad and ask him about the latest Volvo Selekt models in stock.

Marketing Manager

Vitor Kono

Vitor is the person to go to for any marketing related enquiries, sponsorship, website and promotions.