Our Testimonials

Here at Tottenham, we pride ourselves in delivering a great customer service. You can see some of our testimonials below.

Nicholas Ruddock - May 2016

I believe in the quality of Volvo Cars...

I believe in the integrity, and skill of their staff, their Engineers; They are amenable to discussion of invoice in a relaxed manner. A nice firm, friendly staff, and helpful.

Neil R. / June 2016

"Reliable and trustworthy. Recommended!"

Have been a customer for many years and as usual a good quality service. I was kept fully informed of all work necessary and car was returned spotless. Very pleased.

Julia D. / February 2016

Notes from a loyal customer

I came to Sentinel from Braydons, who have sadly gone. I am glad to find an able replacement, though, and I was impressed with all the extras on the service. I didn't know in advance about the roadside assistance and had just that afternoon bought a year's cover! I will have to cancel it.... I also didn't know about the courtesy car (I got the bus, no hardship). But it was a lovely surprise to find it clean! I've been remiss in that department. And they found my lost glove, a bonus. About money, I always expect a decent service to be expensive, and they did keep me informed about the cost. As I'd only bought the car a year ago it was disappointing, but not their fault. Anyway, I'm glad to be in safe hands again, though I will miss Braydons, a landmark gone for ever (sob). I hope they remembered to give me my £50 off, I forgot to ask....