Bicycle Carriers

Save 20% on all Bicycle Carriers

Now there is no better time to get a Bicycle Holder for your Volvo. With the roof mounted Aluminium Bicycle holder for £80 or Towbar Bicycle rack from £320 until the end of September 2022. • Towbar 2 Bike racks - £320 • Towbar 3 Bike racks - £400 • Towbar 4 Bike racks - £475 • Towbar 2 Foldable Bike Rack - £455

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Aluminium Bicycle holder

For safe transportation and flexible attachment, your bike is secured automatically.

Towbar bicycle rack

A safe and modern transport system for two, three or four bicycles.

Towbar foldable bicycle rack

A very compact bicycle holder in a first-class design for two bicycles that is easy to handle and store.