Volvo Car Extended Warranty

What's Covered?

The warranty offers full protection against the cost or replacement of any factory fitted mechanical or electrical component which suffers a sudden mechanical or electrical failure.

The only exceptions are:
-Exhaust system (catalytic converters are covered), tyres and batteries.
-Parts replaced as a result of fair wear and tear including, but not limited to, clutch plates, brake shoes, pads and discs, wiper -blades, bulbs and fuses.
-Damage to paintwork, trim, glass or chrome work or any damage caused by any external influence including, but not limited to, bird lime and atmospheric fall-out, stone chips and scratches.
-Bodywork and wheel corrosion.

Vehicles should be serviced in accordance with the Volvo servicing schedule by an authorised Volvo repairer. Failure to do so may invalidate this insurance. A leeway of one month or 1,000 miles is permitted.

Should you have any doubts concerning the service requirements of your Volvo, then please contact your Volvo dealer for clarification.

Maximum Claim Limit
There is no limit to any individual claim, with the exception of claims for out of pocket expenses. However, our total liability over the warranty period is the purchase price of the vehicle (i.e. the price you paid for it).

Additional Benefits
In the event of a claim arising which is covered by the policy, the insurance will also provide a contribution towards the costs incurred as follows:

Recovery Charges: Recovery Charges up to £150 (including VAT).

Replacement Vehicle Hire: You are entitled to a like for like car for a maximum of ten days, whilst your vehicle is being repaired (excluding the first 24 hours of repair period) per claim.

Overnight Hotel Expenses: Up to £100 per person (including VAT) towards one night’s accommodation expenses for up to five persons who may be travelling in the insured vehicle at the time of breakdown.

Emergency Travel: Up to £100 per claim (including VAT) for emergency travel required as a result of mechanical breakdown, up to a maximum of £300 (including VAT) per policy period.

Continental Use: Cover is extended to the continent of Europe for UK residents. Valid repair costs will be reimbursed at UK rates.

Consequential Damage: Covers damage to the vehicle and contents due to the failure of a covered part.