Your Dealer will make the final arrangements

Delivered to the Dealership

At last! Your Volvo has arrived at your dealer, who will make all the arrangements for the handover to you. 

They will remove the car-guard plastic and visually inspect the paint for transport damage. If necessary they will wash and polish the car for you. 

The dealer also uses your order document to make the final check to ensure that the car you ordered is the car you will get. 

Giving you the latest software and updates 
Your new Volvo will be taken into the workshop for a delivery service. This includes an inspection of all the fluids and an upgrade of the car’s internal software to the version adapted for your specific model. The workshop will also mount any accessories you ordered. 

Contacting you for the handover 
Finally your dealer will prepare all the documents for your car and contact you to set up a suitable date and time for the handover.