Your Volvo’s first journey, by trailer, boat or train


When your new Volvo leaves our plant it is well prepared for the long journey to your dealer. It is wrapped in car-guard plastic to protect it against dust, stone chips and other damage, and it has a software version that limits its speed to 30 km/h to help prevent accidents and make the car unusable for thieves. 

We put an address sticker on the side window with bar-coded information about the car’s identity and delivery address. The bar code is scanned at every point where the car is handed over to the next transporter. In this way we can monitor transport according to the delivery schedule. We focus on delivery precision to ensure the car is delivered according to schedule at each stage of the transport process. 

However, during interim storage in the delivery yard outside our plant, your car may be randomly selected for emission testing, a legal requirement on many markets. In this case, delivery will be delayed for a few days. 

The first leg of your car’s journey
Your car will be loaded on a car-carrying trailer at the plant for transporting directly to the dealer, or to the appropriate transhipment facility, most often a harbour where it will be loaded onto one of the specially designed cargo ships we have contracted for this purpose. During transport and handling between different transportation modes, the car is secured according to ECG standards. 

Reaching its destination
Transport by sea may take up to 14 days for customers in UK. When it has arrived at the destination port, your car is unloaded and inspected for damage, shipment and customs documents are dealt with and the car is loaded onto a cargo trailer or train and transported to your dealer.