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Command list for voice control of the navigation system*

Several navigation system functions can be activated with voice commands. A list of them follows below.

The differences between Sensus Navigation and Internet maps

Volvo offers both a navigation system called Sensus Navigation and a map service called Internet maps* . Information about how these functions differ is available here.

Sensus Navigation*

Sensus Navigation is a satellite-based traffic information and navigation system.

Activating and deactivating the navigation system*

The navigation system is activated automatically when the driver's door is opened and is deactivated only when the driver leaves the car and locks it.

Control the navigation system* with voice recognition

If your car is equipped with Sensus Navigation you can use voice control to give spoken commands in order to control parts of your navigation system.

Frequently asked questions about the navigation system*

The following are some frequently asked questions concerning the navigation system Sensus Navigation.

Symbols and buttons in the navigation system*

The map in the centre display shows symbols and colours providing information about various roads and the area around the car and the route. A tool bar with different buttons for different settings is to the left.

Navigation license agreements*

A license* is an agreement granting a right to conduct some activity or to make use of another person's right under the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Copyright for the navigation system*

Navigation system* in centre display

The navigation system is presented and operated in several different ways, e.g. via the centre display.

Navigation system* in driver display

The navigation system is presented and operated in several different ways, e.g. via the driver display.

Activating and deactivating the navigation system* in the driver display

The navigation system is shown automatically in the driver display when a destination is set. The navigation system can also be shown without specifying a destination.

Suggest new map information with Map Creator

If your Volvo is equipped with Sensus Navigation, maps from the Here map supplier are shown. If you find that any information is missing from a map, or want to suggest changes, you can do this at Here's Map Creator service. Such information can include new addresses or rerouted roads.

Traffic information providers

Information on which companies deliver traffic information to your car and its systems in different countries is found below.