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Park and Pay

Availability varies depending on market.

Updated 1/21/2020

Park and Pay

Availability varies depending on market.

Park and Pay is an app that can help you find vacant parking spaces. In some cases, you can also pay for your parking via the app. Park and Pay can be used if the car is equipped with Sensus Connect and Sensus Navigation.

The Park and Pay app

You can use the Park and Pay app to search for vacant parking spaces and pay for your parking. The pay service works for the parking spaces that are connected to payment providers that are supported by Park and Pay. The spaces are displayed in the app with an icon in list view, and under "detailed information" for each parking space. You can also find information there on payment providers and parking identification.

Using Park and Pay

You do not need to register an account to use the Park and Pay app, but if you want to pay for your parking via the app you need to register on the payment provider's website.

The Park and Pay app is a free service, but you will be charged by the payment provider if you use the pay function. Note that a data usage costs may be incurred, depending on your subscription. Contact your Internet service provider for more information about the costs that apply for data usage.

Price example

A price example is shown in the detailed view for parking spaces, and the price may vary depending on time and date. The price stated once you have set the estimated time for parking is the actual cost of the parking for the estimated time.

Ending the parking stay

If you use a parking space where you only pay for the time you park then the app asks you to enter an estimated time for parking in advance, so that you avoid forgetting to end the parking stay. If you end the parking stay before the estimated time has elapsed then you only need to pay for the time you were parkedOnly applicable to payment providers that support payment on completion of parking..

Tips for using Park and Pay

If you experience problems with Park and Pay, make sure you have an Internet connection and good signal strength.

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