Using the wireless telephone charger*

Updated 1/21/2020

Using the wireless telephone charger*

The rubber plate under the centre display makes it possible to charge phones without the need to use the phone's cable.

P6-1846-XC40/H-Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless phone charger in front of gear lever

Remove all other objects from the charging plate and position the phone in the centre of the charging plate.

Phone charging is started and the symbol is shown at the top in the centre display.


Some phones may become hot during wireless charging. This is normal.

If the phone does not charge:

  • Check that the charging plate is free from other objects.
  • Check that the phone supports wireless charging (Qi).
  • Remove the case from the phone if one is fitted.
  • Lift the phone and position it in the centre of the charging plate once again.
  • Check that the car is running.

If the phone is positioned incorrectly, or if objects prevent charging on the charging plate, a message is shown in the centre display.


Keep the phone and charging plate free of other objects while charging to avoid overheating.

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