Voice recognition

Voice control of radio and media

Updated 11/10/2020

Voice control of radio and media

Commands for radio and media player voice control are shown belowApplies to certain markets..

Tap on and say one of the following commands:

  • "Media" - starts a dialogue for media and radio and shows examples of commands.
  • "Play [artist]" - plays back music by the selected artist.
  • "Play [song title]" - plays back the selected song.
  • "Play [song title] from [album]" - plays back the selected song from the selected album.
  • "Play [radio station]" - starts playing back the selected radio channel.
  • "Tune to [frequency]" - starts the selected radio frequency in the current frequency band. If no radio source is active, the FM band is started by default.
  • "Tune to [frequency] [wavelength]" - starts the selected radio frequency in the selected frequency band.
  • "Radio" - starts FM radio.
  • "Radio FM" - starts FM radio.
  • "DAB " - starts DAB radio*.
  • "USB" - starts playback from USB.
  • "iPod" - starts playback from iPod.
  • "Bluetooth" - starts playback from a Bluetooth-connected media source.
  • "Similar music" — plays back music similar to the music currently playing back from USB devices.


Not all system languages support voice recognition. The ones that do are highlighted with the symbol in the list of available system languages. Read more about where the information can be found in the section on settings for voice recognition.

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