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XC40 Recharge Pure Electric
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Software updates

Updated 9/20/2022

Software updates

Volvo is constantly developing the in-car systems and the services offered to you. When the software in your car is updated you can have access to many new functions as well as improvements. The car's software can be updated to the latest version online or in connection with service at an authorised Volvo dealer. You will be informed in the centre display when new software is available online.


  • Functionality after updating may vary depending on market, model, model year and options.
  • Updating to the latest version also includes previously released updates.

Updates in software V2.3

  • Minor graphic updates of the trip meter menu in the driver display.
  • Solution to false “Service Required” message related to Parking Assistance.
  • Ready to drive notifications are calibrated to work better when using Pilot Assist.
  • Improved range estimation accuracy for cars with model year 2021 and 2022.
  • Drivetrain optimisation adjustments.
  • Note: Information sharing between vehicles is temporarily disabled to support software V2.3. If it was activated in the car prior to the update, its related privacy settings are saved until the service is enabled again by Volvo. Information sharing via cloud service is only available in Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Updates in software V2.2

  • Introduction of Apple CarPlay.
  • Front data USB Port opened for Apple CarPlay connectivity.
  • Video apps can now be used in the car when parked. Video apps will be available in Google Play Store at a later time.
  • Reduced rate of false “no entry” traffic sign alerts.
  • Improved compatibility with iPhone, including wireless charging.
  • Drivetrain optimisation adjustments.
  • Introducing Brake when stationary (Hold), which means that the driver can release the brake pedal when the hold symbol is illuminated in the driver display while maintaining braking when the car has stopped at traffic lights.
  • Note: Information sharing between vehicles is temporarily disabled to support software V2.2. If it was activated in the car prior to the update, its related privacy settings are saved until the service is enabled again by Volvo. Information sharing via cloud service is only available in Europe, Canada and the U.S.

Updates in software V2.1

  • Driver display visuals update to improve consistency and clarity. The update includes changes to the following elements:
    • Calm and Navi mode dials
    • Fuel and battery level indication
    • App menu
    • Notifications
    • Slightly reduced map size for improved separation from other display elements
  • Scheduled charging bugfix. Driver display charging settings do not reset between drives.
  • Improved vehicle interoperability for public DC fast charging infrastructure. This will result in somewhat prolonged DC fast charging cable unlock process.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system adjustments. The system may display a stored pressure-message after the update depending on the car’s configuration.
  • Brake system diagnostics bugfixes and adjustments.
  • Climate system adjustments to reduce power consumption:
    • Lower maximum coolant temperature during heating
    • Increased air recirculation
    • Lower air conditioning usage in mild climates

Updates in software V2.0

  • Android R. This operating system version includes new functionality and new app categories.
  • In-car functionality:
    • OTA software updates: Updates will now install automatically after the car is parked and locked if you select “Install” while driving. Previously, a prompt was required for installation to start.
    • Switching profiles no longer disturbs the navigation view in the driver display.
    • Audio system stability improvement.
    • Stability improvements of climate timers.
    • Radio reception improvements.
    • Camera application stability improvements.
    • Parking sensor bug resolved.
    • Improved centre display shutdown behaviour when locking the car.
  • Mobile app functionality:
    • Lock status stability improvements.
    • Improved accuracy of displayed charging status and battery level.
    • More frequent climate status updates.

Updates in software V1.10

  • Ready to Drive notification introduced for model year 2021. If the car has stopped behind another vehicle, the system alerts the driver when the leading vehicle begins to move, and the driver has not taken any action. This function is already available in later model years.
  • Improved steering support when Lane Keeping Aid intervenes in a lane with solid lines.
  • Improved sensitivity for Rear Automatic Braking - better object tracking while reversing.
  • Smoother start-up and shutdown sequences for interior and ambient lighting.

Updates in software V1.9

Note: this software release is only available in workshops, not OTA. The content of V1.9 will be included in the next OTA release.

  • Range improvements in certain driving conditions.
  • Improved traction in slippery conditions.
  • Improved driver display messages about charging, battery status and available power.
  • Range estimate in the driver display and in-car apps Range Assistant and Google Maps now considers the effect of low temperatures on available range when the car has been left unplugged.

Updates in software V1.8

Scheduled charging introduced

  • It is now possible to select a later time for charging to start after plugging in the car. The charging timer can be set in the Volvo Cars app or in the centre display.

General updates

  • Improved pedestrian and cyclist detection.
  • Improved driver support functions Pilot Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.
  • New Forward Collision Warning system malfunction symbol for the driver display (legal requirement).
  • Drive modes shown in the driver display are now available in Chinese.

Updates in software V1.7

  • Software version information is now available.
    • Software version numbers will be shown in the centre display. Release notes related to the current and upcoming software updates will be available in the centre display and on the Volvo Cars Support website.
  • Adjusted sensitivity of Rear Automatic Braking (RAB) to reduce risk of activation in automatic car washes.
  • A snowflake icon will appear next to the battery level indication due to cold weather to inform if the usable battery capacity will be limited.
  • Introducing information about cold climate impact on battery range through startup message and notification in the driver display.
  • Fixed problem of Seat Belt Reminder notification in the driver display.
  • Introducing the Volvo Range app.
    • Estimated range indication, indications on improvements of range in comparison to driving behavior and estimation of consumption leading to speed, climate settings and so on.
  • Software update notifications will be available on the mobile app.
    • Notifications for an update that has been downloaded and is ready to install, installation started/in progress and result of installation.
  • Preheating of battery when the destination on Google Maps is set to a fast-charging station in order to improve charging performance.
  • Increased range due to improved battery energy utilization and improved regeneration performance.
  • Smarter pre-conditioning timers: The battery will be pre-conditioned prior to departure in order to increase range.
  • Increased battery operation temperature during driving and fast charging for increased range and charging speed.
  • During charging, the charging view in the centre display will include the charging time needed to reach a destination if one has been set in Google Maps.

Updates in software V1.6

  • Improvements of the engine control system’s optimisation.
  • Stability, performance and feature improvements of the driver support systems.
  • Robustness improvements and bugfixes for connectivity.
  • Fixed duplicates from iPhone in Favorite list for Phone.
  • Mobile app support: Engine Remote start only for certain markets.
  • Automatic resume of media playback: When the driver enters the car to drive away, last played media will automatically resume so that the user does not need to manually click Play with every start up.
  • Odometer mileage is no longer always shown in the driver display. To view odometer mileage and other vehicle statistics, press the centre button “O” on the panel of the right hand side of the steering wheel.
  • Climate timers accessible from the Mobile app.

Updates in software V1.5

  • Pilot Assist changes.
    • Switching between Pilot Assist modes (with or without steering assist) is now moved to the centre display. The default setting is Pilot Assist with steering. Can be accessed via the settings page. Activation of Pilot Assist, speed setting and distance to vehicle ahead remain on the steering wheel controls. Icons for Pilot Assist and driver assistance have been updated for the driver display and the centre display.
  • Additional system languages included:
    • Bulgarian, Traditional Cantonese, Traditional Mandarin, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
    • Please note that all services may not be available in all languages.
  • Bug fix for interior lighting.
  • Improvements to Profile Setups.
    • Support for Bluetooth tethering (for selected markets).
    • Review of privacy settings available as part of Profile setup.
  • Driver display to support two display modes; Navigation and Calm. Car-centric is no longer available.
  • Communication stability improvements for eCall.
  • Bug fix for climate timer stabilisation.
  • Bug fix for lock/unlock with key fob stabilization.
  • Bug fix in phone/favorites contacts.
  • Volvo On Call stability improvements.
  • Volvo On Call app will change name to Volvo Cars App also launched with refreshed design.

Updates in software V1.4

  • Preheating the battery during charging to 90% and 100%, resulting in improved range. No preheating during charging below 90%.
  • Profile management and option to select the miles per hour unit for Care Key.
  • OTA (Over-the-Air) software updating: Corrected an error where notification of completed update was not shown.
  • Car status application: Corrected an error where information on number of kilometres sometimes showed incorrect values.
  • Clock in the car: Corrected an error where incorrect time was sometimes shown.
  • Profile settings:
    • Log in with Volvo ID in the setup wizard.
    • Review of private settings in the setup wizard.
  • Bluetooth-connected phone: Stability improvements for some phone models.
  • Problem with wireless charging for iPhone 12 resolved.
  • Improvements in AC performance at high temperatures.

Updates in software V1.3

  • Stability improvements after unplugging the charging cable.

Updates in software V1.2

  • Improvements in estimated range.
  • Stability improvements for AC charging.
  • Radio: FM/DAB linking for seamless listening experience (NOTE: radio station favourites will be erased and need to be reprogrammed.)
  • Harman Kardon Premium Audio: enhanced surround sound.
  • More car settings and improvement of settings for driver profiles.
  • Climate control timer: stability improvements.
  • 360-view of park assist cameras: quality and stability improvements.
  • Bluetooth telephony: functionality and stability improvements.
  • OTA (Over-the-Air) quality and stability improvements.

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