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Restricting the car's functions with Red Key

When you lend your car to someone you have the option to limit the car's functions using a Red Key. Amongst other things, you can set a speed limit or the maximum volume for the speakers.

IntelliSafe safety check when starting

When you start the car after it has been switched off completely, a safety check of the car's driver support systems is shown in the driver display. This is a new visual function that is being added with software to be released in November 2017.

Parallel parking with Park Assist Pilot

You can get assistance with parallel parking using the Park Assist Pilot option. Here you can find information and video tutorials that describe how to use the function.

Adapting the beam pattern from the headlamps

If the car is equipped with LED headlamps with adaptive functionality, then the headlamp pattern should be reset when changing from right to left-hand traffic, and vice versa.

Setting the clock

The first time you use the car, or if the current to the car's battery has been disconnected, you may need to make the settings for time and date. It is important that the clock is set, so that the car can connect to the Internet, amongst other things.

Hold and Charge

Using the Hold and Charge functions you have the option to control hybrid battery charging while driving. Hold and Charge have replaced the Save drive mode that was previously in cars with hybrid engines.

Driver profiles

In order for your Volvo to be customised for you every time you get into the car, you have the option to save and protect your personal preferences in driver profiles. The driver profiles can be connected to the car's keys, and when the car is unlocked, its settings are adjusted to the driver profile in the key being used.

Perpendicular parking with Park Assist Pilot

You can get assistance with perpendicular parking using the Park Assist Pilot option. Here you can find information and video tutorials that describe how to use the function.

Private locking

When you drop the car off for service, at a hotel or similar, you can use the private locking function to lock the glovebox, tailgate, boot lid or rear seat. The private locking function varies depending on car model.

Useful information about the car's windows

All the power windows can be controlled from the driver's door and for the other doors each power window can be controlled from its own door. For certain models there is also the option to specify a panoramic roof.

IntelliSafe - driver support and safety

IntelliSafe is the Volvo Cars concept concerning car safety and it consists of a number of functions that can actively or passively assist you with your driving in different situations. For example, the functions can help you to maintain a certain time interval to the vehicle in front of you, prevent a collision by giving a warning and braking the car, or help with parking.

Large Animal Detection

If a large animal appears in front of your car then Large Animal Detection, which is part of City Safety, can warn about the animal and provide brake assistance in certain situations.

Connected Safety

The Connected Safety* function can inform the driver whether another vehicle further ahead on the same road has activated its hazard warning flashers or detected slippery driving conditions. Information about slippery driving conditions can also be provided if your own car detects slippery surfaces.

How do I notice that a safety function has been activated?

If you notice that the car acts of its own accord in an unexpected way then this may be due to one of the car's safety-related functions being activated.

Updated appearance of warning messages for Pilot Assist, cruise control, adaptive cruise control and speed limiter

With the software update released in May 2018, the appearance of certain warning messages has been updated for the following functions, Pilot Assist, cruise control (CC* ).

Tips for using Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can provide you with steering assistance and help you to maintain the distance to the vehicle in front of you. Initially, you may find it feels a little strange when Pilot Assist helps to control your car, and you may need to drive a few kilometres with Pilot Assist before you feel completely at home with the function. Below are some tips that you may find useful when using Pilot Assist.

Automatic start of seat heating

The function for automatic start of seat heating varies depending on car model and differs between the driver's and passenger sides.

Connecting driver profile to key

Personal preferences for seats, climate control, audio, navigation and communication, amongst other things, can be saved in driver profiles and connected to one of the car's keys.

Edit and protect driver profile

You can save personal settings specific to you in a driver profile by protecting the profile. The settings currently active at the time of locking are then saved. You can also name ore rename a profile whenever you wish.

Operating the tailgate with foot movement

When your hands are occupied, you can open or close the tailgate with a single foot movement under the car's rear bumper. The function is an option and varies depending on the car model.

Pilot Assist and Lane assistance

Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can help you to keep your car within its own lane and maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. Lane Keeping Aid is a function which, in a similar way, can help you in some situations to reduce the risk of your car accidentally leaving its own lane.

Collision avoidance assistance

The collision avoidance assistance function can help you to reduce the risk of the car accidentally leaving its lane and/or colliding with another vehicle or obstacle by actively steering the car back into the lane and/or swerving.

Driving out from parallel parking with Park Assist Pilot

You can get assistance with driving out from parallel parking using the Park Assist Pilot option. Here you can find information and video tutorials that describe how to use the function.

Privacy locking

The purpose of privacy locking, which is called private locking on certain models, is to be able to lock the boot lid/tailgate and glovebox but still have the option to open the doors and start the car. Privacy locking is especially useful when you are leaving your car in for service or at a hotel.

Park Assist Pilot

The Park Assist Pilot option is a function that can assist you with manoeuvring your car while parking. It can also assist with steering when driving out from parallel parking. This article provides information, video tutorials and links to instructions showing how and when to use the function.