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Find all the questions and answers about how to buy a new Volvo online.


In addition to your specific design selections, your Volvo Pure Electric comes with the following features as standard:

- Complimentary comprehensive insurance for 7 days -Service and warranty for up to 7 days (or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first) -Battery warranty for up to 8 years (or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first) -Roadside assistance for 7 days -Digital services: Google built in (Assistant, Maps, Play) and Volvo On Call/MyVolvo app for 4 years -A charging cable for your car -A Plug surfing Charging Card

Your car purchase includes a charging cable. You can buy all other required accessories from your local retailer. We're working hard on offering more accessories online in future.

We're always happy to help. Please call our team on 0800 0318065 for further support.

Your local retailer can help you with purchasing a Volvo Pure Electric car. However, prices and terms will be exactly the same as they are online.

Any changes to your specifications must be made during our personal welcome call, takes place within 2 weeks of you placing your order. After this point, we can't guarantee that we can make any type of changes to your vehicle specification.

The sales contract confirms your final order so that the car can go into production.

You can book a test with your local retailer using the online booking tool.

Unfortunately not. If you decide to subscribe rather than buy the car, you'll have to cancel your purchase order first and then subscribe to a new vehicle.

After placing the order, you will receive an email with your order confirmation and information about your financing options. Within a couple of days, we will schedule a welcome call with you to confirm your configuration, explain the car delivery process in detail and answer any remaining questions. You can learn more about your car by tacking its progress, using the Volvo on Call app. A few weeks prior to the delivery, you will receive payment instructions from us via email. Once your car is ready for delivery, our service partner will get in touch with you to schedule delivery or collection.

Car registration

Yes, it's possible. Please contact our Customer Relations Centre first, to make sure all the necessary customer information can be provided.

Subject to you meeting our eligibility criteria, your car purchase comes with complimentary comprehensive insurance for 3 years.

This 3-year insurance offer is conditional on completing a purchase of a Volvo Recharge Pure Electric car, and eligibility criteria includes min. age of 25, min. 12 months with full UK or EU driving license, max. 3 fault claims and max. 3 minor convictions in the past 5 years.

The insurance offer applies for private customers. The comprehensive insurance cover is specifically designed for Volvo owners and uses Volvo approved repairers as well as genuine Volvo parts and includes a courtesy car whilst the vehicle is being repaired. Upon completing your order, you’ll be provided with a sign-up link for the complimentary comprehensive insurance for 3 years.


No, initially the only option is to pay cash or arrange your own financing. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a Volvo Pure Electric car for a set monthly fee.

We'll always try to accommodate your financing preferences and the terms of your chosen financing partner. Just send us a "proof of financing" document so we can understand their required payment terms. Depending on your financing set up, we'll do our best to arrange for a suitable payment process.

You can pay the refundable deposit with a credit card, but the final payment needs to be made via bank transfer.

Payment and billing

Your deposit will be refunded after we have received your signed sales contract.

Your deposit payment will be stated in your order confirmation email, which can be used as a reference for the performed payment. The deposit will be refunded after we have received your signed sales contract.

The final invoice is paid via bank transfer. As many banks have limitations on how much money you can transfer daily or in one go, we advise that you contact your bank in advance to make sure you can transfer the full amount to us in due time.

Yes, you can pay from more than one bank account. Just make sure you include the correct reference number from your invoice at all times.

No, all payments must be made to directly to Care by Volvo Car UK Limited.

No. Unless you are financing the car through a financial partner and different payment terms have been approved by us, you need to pay prior to the handover.

Around [1 month] before we deliver the car to your chosen service partner, we'll provide you with an invoice stating the price and the payment due date – this will be approx. [3 weeks] before your car's estimated delivery time.


Yes. The best way to track your order is via the Volvo On Call app.

No, only the person who has placed the order can pick up the car.

If you need to postpone your car's delivery, please contact our Customer Relations team and they will do their best to support you.

To change your contact/personal details, you should contact Customer Relations and inform us about the changes.

You will need to contact our Customer Relations team to see if this is possible. Depending on where your car is in the delivery journey, we may or may not be able to change this.

You will need to contact our Customer Relations team to see if its possible to change your chosen location. Depending on where your car is in the delivery journey, we may or may not be able to change your chosen location.

Please bring valid photo ID e.g. your passport and your driving licence.

As soon as your car has arrived at your chosen service partner, they will contact you to arrange the handover. Until then, you can track your order in the Volvo On Call app and check the estimated delivery time.

Your licence plate will be delivered together with your car, at the handover.

Your chosen service partner will prepare your car for delivery as long as you pay your invoice or secure your financial solution in accordance with the information in the payment instruction email.


You can book a service appointment by contacting your chosen local retailer.

Yes, as long as it is a Volvo-authorised repairer within the market the car was bought.

Your package includes Volvo Genuine Service:

-Maintenance service according to service programme -Air filter replacement -Tyre sealant replacement -Windscreen cleaning (sensors) -Software updates -Wear & tear (replacement wiper blades once a year, replacement brake discs and brake pads if required)


If you want to cancel your order, please call or email our Customer Relations centre. Your deposit will be refunded after the cancellation is registered.

If you decide that you would like to hand the car back and have purchased your online, you have the legal right to withdraw from your purchase within 14 days after taking delivery of your car. You can do so by sending a formal notice to our Customer Services team, within these 14 days to: Care by Volvo Car UK Limited, Scandinavia House, Norreys Drive, Maidenhead, SL6 4FL, or by email:

Within 14 days of you have sent us the written notification, you need to return the car, at your own expense, to the same Volvo retailer as where you took delivery of the car. You will need to include all original equipment and any parts and accessories that came with the car, as well as the V5 log book. When you arrive at the Volvo retailer your car will be inspected for mileage, wear & tear, damages and missing items.

Please note the following: You have the right to a full refund under the following circumstances: - the car has not been driven more than 100 miles when returned to the Service Partner - the car has no signs of wear & tear or damages and no missing items - the car has not changed owners since you first took delivery of the car (should the car have changed owners, your request to invoke the right to withdraw will be denied).

Should the Car have been used beyond what is mentioned above, CbV will deduct from the purchase price the following: - £1.00 for each mile driven in excess of 100 miles according to your car´s odometer at time of return at the Service Provider - Reasonable charges for repair to fix any wear & tear and/or damage caused to the car during the 14-day 'right to withdraw' period and for replacing any missing items.

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