autonomous driving

gothenburg trial starts in 2017

Join us in developing the self-driving cars of the future

Drive Me is our large-scale autonomous driving project, where we put real people behind the wheel of state-of-the-art Volvo XC90s on public roads. In 2017 we will be looking for drivers in Gothenburg to take part – If you would like to be involved, stay up to date below.

What is autonomous driving?

We believe that mobility should be safer, sustainable and more convenient. For Volvo Cars, technology should make people’s lives easier. That’s why our approach to autonomous driving is all about the people that will use them. Our future cars will be able to navigate without human input, equipped with sensors that read the surroundings, adapting to changing traffic conditions.
Autonomous Driving Semi

Unsupervised driving

In unsupervised autonomous mode, a vehicle performs all the driving because it is safe to rely on the technology to steer, brake and accelerate. People on board the vehicle are not expected to have control of the car.

Supervised driving

For years, Volvos have been able to support the driving experience, helping the vehicle keep its distance with the car in front or staying in the lane. However, even cars that offer steering, distance, and speed support need constant supervision by the driver.

How we got here

Today, Volvo Cars is a leading authority on autonomous technology. Explore the technical innovations and the research that have enabled us to be confident about our future self-driving vehicles.