Skipping just a single carwash can save up to 140 gallons of water. 

      Now imagine what we can do together.

Volvo Driving Dirty

Not washing your car once could save enough water for you to flush the toilet ten times, put on the dishwasher, brush your teeth twice and wash your clothes (if you really wanted to)*.

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At Volvo, we’ve always stood for what matters to people. Saving water matters to us all. So whether you drive a Volvo or not, please help conserve water. Turn your dirty car into a badge of honor by writing #DRIVINGDIRTY on it nice and big. Then post it online to get your friends and family involved too.

We also know sometimes you just have to wash your car – like for dates and job interviews. So we introduced Consciously Clean: a waterless carwash solution that makes it easy to keep your car clean and your conscious cleaner.

*Statistics based on washing your car at home